5 Things You Can Learn Watching Indian TV Series


TV Series

Whether you like Indian TV shows or not, it is a well-known fact that India has been the largest movie producer worldwide for quite some time now. In addition to numerous films, more and more Indian series have become increasingly popular. Even though some may claim that the plot is not complex enough and that they last for too long, it should be also noted that you can always learn something new from everything, and these TV shows are no exception. So, let’s see what useful things any Indian series could teach us.



As you already know, India has an extremely rich culture, so you can learn a lot about it while watching even the simplest TV show, let alone from historical serials, which usually revolve around great conquerors and warriors. We have to admit that India wouldn’t be what it is today without their contribution, so it is definitely worth watching some of these now and then to learn something about this beautiful country’s heritage.

Social issues


Among other things, India is widely known for several major social issues, including discrimination, child labor, and child marriage, all of which are frequently included in their series. Moreover, the aim of these TV shows is to make a change in society, to shed some light on these matters which are certainly not to be neglected. Thus, you can always find strong morale of the story.

General knowledge


Furthermore, we should not forget to mention that India has some excellent game shows which can teach you some general knowledge.



As previously mentioned, there is a lot to learn about Indian culture, so why not start with one of their series, even if it is a soap? If you’re interested in their tradition, religion, habits, or language, watching an Indian series might be a good start for you.



Last but not least, there’s fashion. No matter how simplified the plot might be or how annoying you might find it when someone who died suddenly returns to the show, you can’t help but enjoy the impeccable fashion in Indian TV shows. Of course, nowadays, women don’t wear that type of clothes daily, but these pieces are certainly worth our admiration.

So, the next time you come across on one of the numerous Indian series on the TV, take a closer look and try to find at least one of the elements mentioned above. We’re sure you’ll be able to spot more than one, and that you’ll learn something new and rethink your previous prejudices.

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