News Regarding Prison School Season 2


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In the previous season, we witnessed how Kiyoshi and his friends struggled inside the Prison School. Now they are all free, and they enjoy popularity in school. On the other hand, USC members are now the prisoners, for the things they did in season 1. This is the premise for the sequel. However, is there actually going to be a Prison School Season 2?

Two years have passed since the last episode of the show. The Mad Wax Ova was aired on March 4, 2016. The first season used the first nine volumes of the manga, and a total of 26 has been released so far, more than enough to make another season of this show. There are still no official announcements for a possible second season. Are the fans still getting season two?

Unfortunately, things tend to be complicated when it comes to manga and anime production. The anime helps the manga sell more volumes. If the anime successfully promotes the manga, the second season is definitely going to be made. However, the reason for the series’ uncertainty is simple.

Prison School manga’s sales soared during the run of the anime. They then declined after it ended, but it was earning sales without the anime as well. During the anime, the manga sold 4,519 units per volume, which is not bad but also far from good. This is the reason why we still did not get the season 2.

Furthermore, the manga ended last year. It lasted for five years since its publication in the Weekly Young Magazine. Without it, it is hard to make the second season because there is no new manga to sell. If the second season does happen, it could very well be the last anime season for this series, as the source material would be completely depleted.

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