5 Iconic Cars from Movies


Cars from movies

There are so many awesome iconic cars from movies across genres, but this list seeks to gather the best of the best. From a Fast and the Furious car to the Love Bug, here are the 12 most iconic cars from the movies.

The Fast and the Furious Toyota Supra


The beautiful and sleek Toyota Supra from The 2001 film is iconic not just because it’s from the popular movie franchise, but because of its muscle power. Toyota’s are iconic in the racing scene, especially the Toyota AE86 from the popular anime Initial D. This Toyota though is associated with the heartstopping race between Dom Toretto’s Charger in the most noteworthy illegal street racing scenes of all time.
Love Bug’s 1963 Volkswagen Beetle


The Beetle was a common sight in the early 2000s because of its cheap price point and unique design. Before that, the classic Beetle design became popular after Disney’s “Love Bug” where a talking car named Herbie help Jum Douglas win the big race. Herbie was actually sold at auction in 2015 and sold for $126,500, which seems a bit too low for such a popular car. It even came with its own private number plate. You can get your own at AbsoluteReg.co.uk to spruce up your own!

Ghostbusters Ecto-1


Although the television show got it wrong by making the gang drive around in an old ambulance, the first movie saw the gang drive around in a converted 1959 Cadillac. Although often mistake as a hearse (and who could blame them), this old Cadillac was completely decked out from the inside to the roof. Sitting on the roof of the car is a little ghost emblem. The iconic Ghostbusters symbol is painted on both doors and is considered one of the most recognized symbols in television.

Transformers Chevrolet Camaro


Otherwise known as “Bumblebee,” this real-life transformer car is just one of the many classic cars modeled from the original toy line. The Transformers television show was made to sell toys; toys that could transform into different vehicles and household items. Although Bumblebee originally transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle, they changed his car model to make the character appeal more to young boys. It definitely worked, as the character is more associated with this car than any other vehicle he transformed into. Now, you’ll see tons of new fans driving around yellow Cameros as a tribute to their favorite Autobot.

Back to the Future’s DeLorean DMC-12


Once upon a time, John DeLorean wanted to create a fast and sexy sports car, but that concept failed epically. Even though his original vision of the car didn’t work out, Back to the Future made this module skyrocket in popularity. If it weren’t for Marty McFly and Doc Brown using it as a make-shift time machine, it’s likely no one would remember this car. If you want to pick up your very own time machine, you can get it for less than 40K at auction. Sometimes it pops up on used car websites, too.


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