6 Ways to Decorate Your Wall with Movie Posters


Movie Posters 

Are you a movie enthusiast and you wish to integrate the feeling into your home décor? Do you find it challenging to use posters to beautify your walls? Have you bought a movie poster hoping to add beauty to your wall, but the outcome wasn’t what you expected? Don’t worry; you are not alone on this.

Many people try to add a touch of their personality to their home décor by having posters of a movie they love. The movie poster looks beautiful most times, but when placed on the wall, the beauty diminishes.

The good news here is there are ways you can make your movie posters the anchor of beauty in your home. There are ways you can give that home décor a spike of elegance with your posters. Let’s check out five ways to decorate your wall with movie posters.

1. Choose the Right Size of Posters


Size matters a lot when decorating your walls with posters, including photo prints. You have to consider the correct scale of the movie poster to add to your wall. You might have other decors on your wall or even have a bare wall; the poster needs to be in the right proportion. There are factors you have to consider when choosing the right size of movie posters.

You need to consider the size of the wall, the size of furniture in the room, and other wall décors. The movie poster will be less significant if it is too small and disturbingly unattractive when it is too large. You need to choose the right size of movie posters to decorate your home for the perfect beauty.

It is best when the size of your movie wall poster is proportional to your space. It will come out better when it is proportional to other decorative elements in your space.

2. Custom Stickers

Besides using movie posters to decorate the walls, you can use custom die cut stickers with your favorite movie elements. These stickers are also great decorations for phones, water bottle, computers, etc. If you’re planning a movie night or running a movie club, these stickers can be good giveaways. Your friends and club members will love the unique and fun gifts inspired by your favorite movies. The stickers can be personalized with your characters, favorite quotes, club name, party theme, and more, check here.

3. Choose the Right Color of Poster


Color is an essential factor to consider when choosing a movie poster for your wall. Ensure to make the right choice of color for your movie poster, as it will help pull the look of your room together. There are few things you need to consider when choosing the color of your poster.

Some people prefer colors, but no doubt many others do not have any idea of what colors of movie posters to go for. If you are in this category, you can get inspiration for your color palette from your wall arts.

You can pick 2 to 3 colors from your wall arts. You can also pick significant colors in the room or colors of furniture for your movie poster. Using these colors will give your home a harmonious appearance. It will also bring out the beauty of your movie poster.

4. Choose the Right Frame for the Poster


Most times, just having your movie poster on your walls does not look good. Getting a frame for the poster might be the touch needed to bring its beauty out. You need to get the right frame for your movie poster to help define its beauty.

You need to consider the size of the movie poster when getting your frame. Getting a broad frame can reduce the beauty of your movie poster. A beautiful frame can also compliment the beauty of your movie poster.

Posters will help you to project the beauty of your wall posters better. Using fashionable frames will also add to the exquisiteness the wall posters will add to your space. It will also add class and make the poster more sophisticated.

5. Choose the Right Style and Theme of Poster


The style and theme of the movie poster can also determine if the poster will look beautiful or unattractive. If your home décor depicts a calm environment, having a movie poster with a shouty theme will only catch attention but look conflicting and unappealing.

You have to consider the theme of the poster to ensure it compliments your home décor. Having a different theme in your room will make your poster alien and disrupt the flow of beauty in your home. You can choose scenes from your favorite movies or even photo prints of your favorite actor and actress.

6. Choose the Right Location for the Poster

One of the mistakes people make when using movie posters is hanging them at the wrong location. You need to put your poster to catch attention and not where it will strive for attention. It is best to locate your posters where it can easily create focal points.

Places to put your movie poster include a blank wall, above your television, around your wall cabinet, or even amidst other wall décors. This way, you will be able to notice the poster easily and behold its beauty.

You can also consider locating it directly opposite the entrance. This location would make it the first point where your guest will have eye contact with. It also give a welcoming feeling to anyone stepping into your space.

7. Use Themes That Are Easy to Relate With

One of the biggest beauties of using wall arts is when people, particularly your guest can relate with your space. It is beautiful when your guests and visitors stare at your wall and they can relate with your wall posters.

It doesn’t matter if they have seen the movies or not. All you need is to pick movie themes that almost everyone can relate with. Examples of the best themes to consider include movie covers, popular scenes, star actors or actresses, and various graphics.



Decorating your home wall with movie posters is quite easy if you know the right way to do that. You have to consider factors like size, scale, color, theme, etc., for you to bring the best out of your movie poster.

Movie posters can help you create a beautiful, entertaining, and classic space. Beside the fact that these posters are attractive, it is quite easy to relate with them. So, you  can keep your space beautiful while also ensuring that your guests are entertained. Feel free to see more movies and explore various options. You can get posters that will match all your specifications from reputable art sources like ElephantStock.

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