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The Nine Renovations of the House From the Notebook

Sebastian Mertonby:

A significant part of The Notebook is the renovation of the Windsor Plantation home. It’s the crucial crux of the movie – Noah Calhoun promises to …


The Most Realistic Bear Attack Scene Ever Shot

Sebastian Mertonby:

One thing that people love to do is go to the movies to feel a thrill. It’s no wonder why suspense and thriller movies often times …

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Top 5 Movies about Vietnam War you need to watch

Peter Jacksonby:

Life wouldn’t be the same without films. They can be educative, scary, funny or mysterious. And, there’s so many out there that you can watch one …

Movie Reviews 

The Ocean Series Ranked

Sebastian Mertonby:

The Ocean’s franchise has been hugely popular amongst film buffs, and with five movies in the series, there’s certainly plenty to be discussed. Featuring some of …


The Types Of Animations You Need To Know

Sebastian Mertonby:

There are good reasons not to have a glass of Joe to quench your thirst or not to eat steak for breakfast. That doesn’t mean that …


4 Ways to Track Radio and TV Ads

Peter Jacksonby:

To be successful, you have to advertise. There is no other way that will tell you more precisely how important advertising is, than the previous sentence. …


Is it Possible to Unlock a Pdf File without a Password?

Sebastian Mertonby:

One of the main purposes of PDF documents is secure data exchange. For this reason, such formats in certain situations require password locking so that during …


Oscars Bingo: Everything We Expect To See At The 2021 Awards

Sebastian Mertonby:

It’s been a slightly different year when it comes to hit films and those that are lined up to win an Oscar. At present it’s unsure …


Best Superhero Costumes for Kids Parties

Sebastian Mertonby:

You can have multiple reasons for the ever-growing popularity of the powerful and amazing superheroes- their weapons, the lively battles, the flashy concepts of the existence …


Is Casino Arguably the Best Movie made about Gambling

Sebastian Mertonby:

The Casino is undoubtedly one of the best movies about gambling. It has drama, thriller, and honor and of course love. This epic drama film was …