How to Choose an Awesome New Movie to Watch in 2023


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If you consider yourself a movie fanatic, you may well find that you are on the lookout for the next awesome movie to watch. Good movies can change how you think, and awesome movies can have an impact on your emotions, feelings, and life! Your time is precious, and you want to make the best use of it. Whether you are watching a movie by yourself or with a loved one, you will want to make the best selection. Making a good selection means narrowing down your choices. When it comes to choosing an awesome movie, here are a few pointers that you may find helpful in the decision-making process.

Thinking About the Occasion

The occasion when you will be watching the new movie release is important to consider. For instance, if you are having a date night, you may feel that a new release rom-com will be more suitable than an all-action guns-blazing film. Or, if you are planning a scare-fest weekend, you may wish to watch a horror movie. If you do not factor in the occasion for watching the movie, you may find that the experience is not as fulfilling as it could be. Planning a movie night may not sound like fun, but when you put time and effort into planning, you can get all the elements just right.

The Type of Movie – The Genre

What type of movie do you normally like to watch? Do you have a go-to genre? Or are you happy to mix and match? For instance, are you a fan of comedy films? You may be a fan of sub-genres, too, such as parody comedy or screwball comedy. If you have a genre that you always look at, then do you want to change the format, or are you happy to stick with what you know? Sometimes a storyline can be more attractive than the genre, so it is always worth looking at both before deciding. Maybe moving out of your comfort zone (in relation to genres) will open your options.

The Storyline

Some movies can be watched in the background while life carries on. Others will require your full attention and time. When it comes to a movie, just how important is the storyline to you? Are you more concerned with the characters and their backstory? Or do you need to immerse yourself in the storyline, perhaps feeling like you are part of the movie? If a story is not gripping you, then you may not have the energy or time to keep watching it until the end, and this could leave you feeling frustrated.

Your Favorite Actor or Celebrity

There are going to be movies that are released (or due to be released) that feature your favorite actor or celebrity. If you are not sure about when movies are due to be released or you want to find out what your favorite actor is working on, then head to You can catch up on the latest gossip and see what actors get up to on and off the movie sets. When you follow your favorite actor online, you get the inside scoop on what they are up to. You may also get to see what is happening behind the scenes or on the set of upcoming releases.

What Movies or Franchises Have You Enjoyed Before?

Previous experiences can help you a lot when it comes to choosing a new movie. Look back on previous visits to the cinema or theatre and see what you have enjoyed watching before. For instance, are you a fan of high-octane movies that are all action non-stop? Do you prefer romcoms, or are you preferential to fact-based films, such as those that are based on a true story (or even adapted from true events)? When you can look at what you have enjoyed before, you can begin to rule out movies and make the search a little quicker and easier.

Is Movie Length Important?

Some movies can be up to three hours long, and some can be finished in just over an hour. To choose a movie that is right for you, think about duration. Do you lose interest in longer films? Or do you find that shorter films are just too difficult to follow and immerse yourself in? If a new film is appealing but longer in length than you prefer, then look at the next best one. If a movie looks like it could be too lengthy or dragged out, it could have an impact on your view or enjoyment.

New Release or Re-release?

When you are choosing a movie, are you interested in watching a completely new release, or are you OK with a re-release? You may put off watching re-releases as you feel they may do a disservice to the original. However, you will often find that re-releases will have new storylines or even new characters that they introduce. If you are certain you want to watch a new release, then decide why you want to watch it. Does the story appeal to you? Does it feature one of your favorite celebrities?

The Top 10 Lists

If you are still struggling with what movie to watch and are completely out of ideas, why not look at the top 10 lists? These are often produced in local newspapers or can be found on various entertainment websites or apps. Top 10 movies may be broad, and it may feature general movies, but it may feature releases that you have not thought about before (or perhaps even overlooked). Quite often you will find that the top 10 lists are accompanied by reviews and star ratings. These star ratings and reviews can help you see what might be suitable (and enjoyable) for you to watch.

You can get a feeling about what a movie will be like within the first few minutes of watching. If you are not feeling like a movie is right for you or even what you expected, then don’t be afraid to change. Don’t waste time watching rubbish and unmemorable movies just to fill a void in your day.

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