Indiana Jones 5, all you need to know


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It’s been ten years since the last installment of the franchise, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was released. From that day forward, fans were talking about Indiana Jones 5, and finally, in 2016, it was officially announced that there would be Indy 5.

Steven Spielberg, the director, and Harrison Ford, the star actor, are confirmed to participate in filming, while the original writer of the franchise, George Lucas isn’t involved this time.

Before the fifth part of the franchise starts filming, here is all we know.

Who is in it?

It is no surprise to hear that Harrison Ford, who is now 77, will again be the leading star of the movie. Producer Frank Marshall clearly said that this part would not be recast, and Ford cannot be more excited to get back into his role.

Karen Allen wasn’t contacted when Indiana Johns was announced back in 2016, so we think that Marion Ravenwood, Indiana’s love interest in Raiders and Crystal Skull, won’t be back.

Her son Mutt, who is played by Shia LeBeouf, will also be removed from the film.

Jim Broadbent, who played Indiana’s boss at Marshall College, said he would be willing to come back, and Mark Hamill put himself out there as a possible villain, so that would be a pleasant surprise to watch.

What is it about?

We have a few ideas, but one is for sure – there won’t be any aliens involved.

We all know that this movie will take place after the Crystal Skull, so we will watch the older Dr. Jones, and as it has been 12 years since the last film released, the script will follow the same.

As Crystal Skull took place in 1957, we think that this new film might take place in the 1960’s, which is America’s most turbulent decade. If we count to bits, 12 years after 1957 will be the same year a man landed on the Moon, but let’s hope it will not be about it.

Whatever is about, Spielberg assured us that Jones won’t die.

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date

It is officially announced that the film will hit the screens on July 10, 2022.

When can we see the trailer?

We will have to wait a little bit longer for the trailer. As the film is announced to be screened in 2022, we can expect the trailer to be presented at the end of 2019.

What is it called?

There are no words about that either. We found out that the fourth film will be named Kingdom of the Crystal Skull eight months before it was released, so we guess that there is a long period of time before we find out anything about the title.

What’s next?

Steven Spielberg said that this would be Ford’s last role as Indiana Jones, but that franchise will continue, probably with a woman as the central character.

Who might take the role? We all have to wait to see.

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