All You Need to Know About Elopement and Its Photography



Recently, more and more couples choose elopement alternatively to traditional wedding celebration. This event does not include guests or friends. There can be only the newlyweds, an officiant and a photographer for elopement. Thus, it is an amazing option for people who are not fond of pompous parties and crowded locations. If you think about having an elopement, in this article you will find some ideas and tips for your micro wedding.

Pros and cons


The wedding ceremony does not need to be exuberant in order to stay in your memory. The quantity of people involved does not define the quality of the event. Having a day just for the two of you is so touching. However, it still has its pros and cons.


Money saving. The most obvious advantage of an elopement is the total amount of money it requires. Here are just a couple of things you do not need to do: renting a spacious wedding venue, taking care of catering, arranging decoration, transport for the guests. The saved money can be spent on other necessary things. For example, regardless of the celebration type, you still need to create an image for the bride and the groom, hire a good photographer for elopement and maybe buy a cake. But the whole event will be much cheaper than a traditional wedding.

It’s just for the two of you. This statement is based on the previous clause. You can do more interesting things for your couple. Some couples dream of romantic travel, others want extreme elopement in the mountains or caves. Maybe you would like to rent a yacht or dive in the ocean. Whatever comes to your mind becomes possible when there are no guests.

Romantic privacy. Elopement is a wonderful chance to be with your partner. Its privacy allows you to share the emotions with the love of your life. No one will embarrass you. Besides, there is no need to impress other people if there are literally no people.

Simple organizing. Another obvious and extremely pleasant advantage. No guests mean no invitation cards, no catering or restaurant arrangements, no entertainment and other special things you’d have to do for the guests.


Family unapproval. Being together with your relatives on the happiest day of your life seems so natural. But if you have decided to spend this day without them, it may hurt their feelings. Prepare to have a difficult conversation about your decision. Remember, you can rent a restaurant for them after the wedding. A nice dinner with your family is also a good way to celebrate.

Lack of audience. Guests create a sort of festive atmosphere. They congratulate the couple, bring the gifts and talk to each other. It composes the party vibe. Yet not every couple would like to have it on the wedding day.

Popular ideas for your elopement


The internet is full of different ways of having fun on your elopement day. Some of them are quite complicated, such as diving in the ocean in a wedding gown. Below you will find nice and easy ideas for the elopement.

City elopement. It is the easiest way to spend your day. If you are in love with the city you live in, this option is perfect for you. Or you can also drive to the nearby city, if you find it more suitable for your elopement. This option is good for places with a rich history, as there are usually a lot of sophisticated buildings and historic spots.

Outdoor elopement. If you would like to be away from the city fuzz on that special day, consider finding a peaceful location for your ceremony. You may rent a house on the seashore to enjoy the sunset together. Being in love with the greenery, you may find a spot in the park or plantation.

Romantic travel. This one can be easily combined with the previous. Such places as Charleston, SC are perfect for outdoor events and romantic traveling. This area has a nice climate, so the weather is good most of the year. Moreover, here you will find all kinds of locations for your elopement. Old mansions, spacious plantations and romantic beaches are waiting for you to have the most remarkable day of your life.

Extreme elopement. Riding horses, climbing mountains or hiking far away from civilization are the most extraordinary ways of spending time. There is no place for boredom. Just make sure both of you are really OK with having such an active day.

Styled elopement. As there are almost no rules, you can have a special style event. Some people prefer the vintage style, others are in love with vibrant colors. Ethnic events are also an amazing option, if you like the exact culture. If the newlyweds are from different cultures, there is a great way to honor the wedding traditions of both. Your day, your rules.

Photographer for elopement


As there are not so many vendors involved, you may spend more money on the photographer. Beautiful photos will stay with you as a reminder of your elopement day.

A professional photographer is a person who will capture your emotions. Consider hiring an experienced one for your elopement. A good photographer is not just a person who takes photos. It is also a friendly professional, who creates a relaxed atmosphere and becomes invisible if necessary.

Choosing the photographer, pay attention to the portfolio. It should contain indoor and outdoor wedding photos. Thus, you will see how the professional works with different lighting. As we mentioned above, the photographer for elopement should be a nice person. So do not hesitate to have a video call to check if you find communication with them comfortable.

Looking through the portfolio, check if the photographer has any detailed pictures in it. Elopement is full of tiny details that create an atmosphere of celebration. The chosen professional should be able to capture the tiniest things on your elopement day.

Besides, the professional must be ready for the unexpected moments. Small weddings are usually more spontaneous. So, the photographer should be able to capture these priceless moments.

We hope this article helped you to know more about elopement and the most important vendor you are going to involve.
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