Fame in the 50s


Movies History

Lots of people nowadays don’t relate fame with talent, and that is completely understandable. There are many self-proclaimed celebrities whose popularity is based on scandals and similar things that just don’t and shouldn’t make someone a center of attention for so many people. This is the reason why the great number of people consider 50s the source of the greatest artists and art in general.

Marilyn Monroe


Although her life as a celebrity was accompanied by various rumors and speculations, the center of her fame revolved around her acting skills. She was considered one of the greatest actresses of her time, and she had an amazing career thanks to hard work and commitment.

John Wayne


Another big name in the movie industry back in the 50s is certainly John Wayne. Like the majority of celebrities in the USA, John Wayne was a part of not only movies but also radio programmes. His
contribution to Hollywood was great. Wayne’s career was also followed by great media attention, especially because of his private life, however, the most of his fame came from his acting.

Clark Gable


Clark Gable was one of the greatest actors between two wars. He received his nickname “The King” after his performances that dazzled Hollywood. Clark Gable is thought to be one of the most steady box-office performers ever. His death in 1960 was a great tragedy for the whole industry.

Elizabeth Taylor


One of the actresses who definitely marked this period is Elizabeth Taylor who started her acting career when she was very young, and people could follow her transition into a woman on the screen. Her greatest roles were on A Place in the Sun and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Even though the list of these amazing talents in the 50s goes on and on, these four actors are considered to have contributed the most to the movie industry.

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