Movie Remakes You Need To Watch

There is a huge number of movies that we loved in the past and want to see again in a different light. Some of them really need to be rebooted and showed to the people that didn’t get the chance to watch them when these projects originally came out. Today, we are going to talk about the movie remakes that we need to see.

Tomb Raider

When we think about the Tomb Raider, we think about Lara Croft and her crazy adventures. Also, there is a highly popular video game with the same name, which is likely going to be used in order to create the script for the next version of this movie, at least the later iterations of the game. Alicia Vikander is going to be the lead female actor and we are excited to see what she is going to bring to the table.


There have been a lot of fans that wanted to see another Predator movie. Those people are going to get their wish as The Predator 4 is going to come out. The timeline of this film is going to be in between “Predator 2” and “Predators.” It’s going to be fun to see how the director Shane Black plans to make this installment better than the previous ones.


If you liked the first edition of the Hellboy, you are in luck – it seems that this new edition of the franchise is going to be even better. The main character is battling an ancient sorceress who wants revenge. We don’t know much about this version of the Hellboy, but we think that not knowing a lot can make this flick even more exciting.


As the fans of the Scarface already know, there are two versions of this movie – the one from 1932 and the one from 1983. This installment, the third one, is going to be about the Mexican guy who immigrated to Los Angeles and became a criminal in the City of Angels. There have been some production problems, but still, the fans want to see this film come to life again.

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