These are the biggest mistakes in costumes of actors in hit movies



Due to the volume of work that needs to be made while making a film a movie, errors that later we see on the screen are very common. Some of them make us smile, but some of them can be very serious.
This time we bring you theworst mistakes in costumes and the clothes of actors that appear in certain scenes of very famous films.


The first film is the Brave Heart, in which the mistake in main character’s costumeis apparent. The main role is interpreted by Mel Gibson. The mistake lies in the William Wallace’s kilt, which was not clothing in Scotland during the 16th century. Kilt is visible throughout the movie and therefore it’s a big mistake.

Dirty dancing

Baby, the main characterof this film was ahead of her time when it comes to fashion. The shorts that she wears in one part of the film, in the United States, began to be wornin the 1980s, while the story of this film was set in 1963.

Django Unchained

In this film, the main actor wears sunglasses during the entire film, which appeared in the United States only after 1929, although the film’s plot is set long before that time.

Pirates of the Caribbean

One strayedcowboy hat, probably worn by one of the members of the filming team, spoiled the impression in a scene that does not fit in any way.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

In this film, actors interpreting the role of the Nazis carry medals that were rewarded only in World War II, a few years after the time that describes the action of the film.

Becoming Jane

The story of the movie is set in 1975, however, Jane Austin wears a dress that has higher waist and short sleeves, which was not popular before 1810s.

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