5 Famous Actors Who Have Appeared in Adult Movies



Watching movies is one of the ways to have fun at home. The good news is that we live in the world of advanced technology where a big number of streaming platforms exist. Because of that, all you have to do is to subscribe to one of them, spend a small amount of money on monthly basis, and that’s it.

If you are a big movie lover, then you surely have your favorite actor or actress. The roles they had in different movies and tv shows probably inspired you in some way. However, the question is – did you know that some of them have appeared in adult movies before they became famous?

Yes, this probably seems impossible to most people. On the other hand, watching porn is no longer a taboo subject. Everyone is doing it regularly including men and women. Because of that, we are sure you will not change your opinion of someone just because he or she appeared in the adult movie.

So, who are those people? The list below analyzed some of the most interesting stories, and we are sure you will get surprised when you see some of the names. These actors are popular in all parts of the world, but the adult industry is not the reason for that. Let’s find them out together!

David Duchovny


Can you even imagine that David Duchovny appeared in adult movies? It is a person that became popular between 1993 and 2002 thanks to the television series under the name The X-Files. Younger generations probably haven’t heard about it, but the older ones enjoyed this show for nearly 10 years.

Anyway, the job he had before that is a bit specific. Believe it or not, he was a narrator of Red Shoe Diaries. It is an erotic drama where fictional women were sending sexual letters. Despite that, he also participated in some graphic sex scenes that people could see in his show. Did this story surprise you?

Matt LeBlanc


Is there someone in this world that does not who Matt Leblanc is? The tv show Friends is something people still watch and we were all happy to see that all six characters reunion after many years. He was one of those characters that could cause a smile on all the people.

But, was this his only job? No! Just like David Duchovny, he appeared in the Red Shoe Diaries. We do not want to say that his career in adult movies was too long because he only appeared in two episodes full of graphic sex scenes. However, that is enough for him to be on this list.

Sylvester Stallone


Can you believe that Rocky or Rambo (name him however you want) has also appeared in the adult movies? You have probably heard his story. While he was trying to become a successful actor, bad things happened to his life. He lost a bunch of money (more precisely, he could afford to make anything), and that is the reason why had to leave the apartment where he lived back then.

When you are desperate to make money, you start looking for all the options that can improve your financial stability. Some people start exploring the criminal world to solve their problems, but that’s not something Stallone did. Instead of that, he decided to appear at The Party at Kitty and Stud’s. This was one of the most explicit porn movies of that period.

Well, you would probably say that he got a lot of money for that. Unfortunately, that is far away from the truth. Stallone managed to earn only 200 dollars for that role. Fortunately, it was enough for him to relax for some period and focus on his career goals. After that porn movie, Rocky and Rambo were released, and he became one of the most popular actors in the world.

Jackie Chan


When you hear “Hong Kong”, one of the first associations is probably Jackie Chan. It is hard even to number all the martial arts movies where this legend appeared. However, something that most people do not know is that he appeared in a porn movie as well. Yet, this porn movie was a bit different because it was actually a comedy film. It is not something strange for Jackie Chan, isn’t it?

That happened during the 70s, and Jackie Chan had to show his naked body during a sex scene to grab the attention of many famous producers. When reporters asked him about that period, he said that appearing in the comedy porn movie was not a bad move because he managed to gain popularity in all parts of the world after that.

Tom Sizemore


The two most popular movies where Tom Sizemore was one of the characters are Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan. However, in 2004, Tom decided on a bit explicit move. He ran his own porn side where he was publishing adult movies of himself having sex with a big number of ladies.

The reason why he decided on this move is not quite good. Only a year before that, Tom was dealing with different legal problems. For instance, there was a big chance that he will serve time in prison for a drug offense. Because of that, Hollywood snubbed him and he didn’t have any other option than to try to earn money and get back the popularity this way.

Final Thought

After reading this list, we are sure you will not change the way of thinking of some actors. Besides, we are sure that some of them are a favorite to you or to someone who you know. You can find sex scenes that we mentioned in this article on different platforms if you want to see how exactly everything looked.

It is not a secret that the online world is full of adult movies. In case you do not know which porn sites are the best ones, you can always check out BestPornReviews.net to see which ones deserve your attention the most. You may manage to find adult movies of some celebrities that are not on this list as well.

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