The Predator – New Clip And TV Spot


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The main selling point for The Predator, latest installment of the franchise, is the introduction of the Ultimate Predator. This has been used multiple times by 20th Century Fox to describe the power and how dangerous the new bread of these warriors is.

The clip that has been recently launched and a TV spot for the new film shows what we can expect from this film, and we can say that the Ultimate Predator really looks terrifying. The way he managed to throw the other Predator… check the video for yourself.

If you ever wondered how you could fight with a beast like this, then you should check out the plan that Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) and Baxley (Thomas Jane) devised with their fellow combatants. Coyle tries to draw the Predator out by shooting into the foliage, and it worked out. Unfortunately for one soldier, the Predator kills him with a retractable claw, and the rest of the welcoming committee is scattered.

While we do not get a lot of details about the story and new scenes, we can clearly see that one of the goals of the filmmakers is to show that this is an all-new Predator.

We get to feel the Shane Black influence in TV spot that uses car commercials recipe to present a new model of Predator and does it with a comical tone. We really don’t mind this, as we are used to Black and his ways of doing business.

One of the critics, Chris Evangelista, has done a review of The Predator and here is what he said about the new movie: “The Predator is no longer a scary unstoppable force. It’s a punchline. There’s also plenty of fan service – at least two classic lines from Predator are repurposed here, to (mostly) amusing effect.”

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