AirPods 2 – New Features, Price, and Release Date



In September 2016, Apple launched iPhone 7, followed by the release of AirPod wireless buds, which were a huge hit and got great reviews – they said that “sound quality is excellent, the auto play/pause function is great, the accuracy of the Siri controls is a pleasant surprise and call quality is impressive.” While that was a big success, it’s been two years since that, so, let’s be honest, we’re ready for more, right?


Luckily for all of you who can’t wait to see what amazing features Apple has come up with now, there are some speculations that suggest that AirPods 2 will be released during the first half of this year. The 2019 version of AirPods is expected to have Hey Siri option, which means you will be able to speak commands to Siri using your earbuds, without having to use your iPhone. Moreover, analysts at Gartner predict that AirPodscould eventually even replace smartwatches, so, who knows, perhaps this change will already start with the next version. To be more precise, they believe that these devices “will take over many tasks that users solve with the help of their smartphones today.”


Even though they probably won’t be waterproof, AirPods 2 will probably be water-resistant, which will make it possible for you to take them when it’s raining or even when swimming.

When it comes to the price, AirPods 2 is expected to cost around £159/$159, which has been the price if AirPods since August 2018. Nonetheless, Bloomberg has other expectations – that the price might be somewhat higher if they include more design revamp other than water resistance.

As already mentioned, AirPods 2 will probably be released in a couple of months, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. So stay tuned for more news, we’ll keep you updated.

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