Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date And Updates


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The worst fear of fans is that there isn’t going to be another season of their favorite show. The same story is for Trinity Seven. An anime series whose fans would love to see Season 2. Will there be a continuation of the story, we don’t know yet, but here is everything we know about Trinity Seven so far.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

The final episode of Trinity Seven was released on December 24, 2014. That’s quite a long time ago, and there are no announcements for the new season. Trinity Seven Season 1 was based on the first seven volumes of the manga, and the manga is still ongoing as it has reached its 18th volume. And that means there are a lot of chapters and stories they can adapt for another anime season.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Updates

As always there are rumors going around that the anime is going to be premiered in April 2019, but this is not an official announcement.

Maybe the main reason why there is no Season 2 is the license problems. Crunchyroll had the license first and in 2015 Madman Entertainment bought it. After that, Sentai Filmworks took over in 2016. The current owner of the rights is KSM Anime, and they had it from 2017.

Fans are still hoping that there is going to be Trinity Seven Season 2. There is a second film adaptation from the ongoing manga, and that might be a way to test if there are enough fans of the show. So maybe in the future, we are going to enjoy a new season of Trinity Seven.

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