‘IT: Chapter Two’: Release Date, Cast Members, Plot and Other Updates


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When is the sequel of highest-grossing horror film of all time finally coming out? And is the casting process finished? We have answers to all of your questions!

All adult cast members for the popular supernatural horror film have been chosen from the Losers’ Club, so we are one step closer to watching the movie on the big screen!

The sequel revolves around the members of the Losers’ Club who get together after 27 years as the Pennywise appears in their life again. The cast consists of Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader and James (as Beverly, Richie, and Bill) as well as James Ransone, Isaiah Mustafa, Andy Bean and Jay Ryan. Jess Weixler, Taylor Fray, and Xavier Dolan have also made it to the cast list, and Bill Skarsgard is again taking the role of Pennywise.

Here is the new photo of the cast crew together and we have to admit, they look awesome!


So, now that we know who will be there, what can we expect from the sequel?

Even though the children might think their battle against the monster has ended, the ending scene of the movie revealed the words ‘Chapter One,’ which suggested that we should expect the return of Pennywise, whose laughter could have been heard in the very end of the film.

But let’s revise all the key information about the movie so far. We present the important details for all the fans of this horror.

IT: Chapter Two Release Date


It has been officially announced that the sequel will be out on September 6th, 2019 – two years after the first movie flashed on big screens. The second installment will also be directed by Andy Muschietti together with his sister and producing partner Barbara.

The name of the sequel?


The sequel will be named IT: Chapter 2 and it is going to revolve around the Losers’ Club. Its members will encounter Pennywise one more time, but now as adults.

What’s the plot of the upcoming release?


The sequel follows the second part of Stephen King’s book. It returns us to Derry where the members of The Losers Club meet again to fight against Pennywise. In just a few words, so as not to give out too much, the continuation of the story might even have a darker tone than before as now adults will not only be fighting against the monster but with their inner trauma from childhood as well.

Taylor Fray and Xavier Dolan will take on the parts of Adrian Mellow and Don Haggerty, who cope with their issues. Even though they don’t have lead roles in the movie, they are the ones who put the members of The Losers Club together after 27 years.

According to Attitude, the novel describes the attack of Adrian, who falls off a bridge, gets dragged out of the water by our monster who eventually murders him. We will see if their roles will be further expanded.

The cast members of the sequel?


Even though the focus of the sequel are the adults, the movie will also show flashbacks from their childhood as they fight against their memories. Here are the cast members of the upcoming film:

Jessica Chastain as Beverly
Bill Hader as Richie
James McCoy as Bill
Isaiah Mustafa as Mike
James Ransone as Eddie
Andy Bean as Stanley
Jay Ryan as Ben
Teach Grant as Henry

When will the production of the movie start?


The production date has been confirmed. The producer Roy Lee suggested that it will start in July “The script is still being finalized and the locations are currently being scouted in anticipation of shooting then,” Lee said in an email.

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