10 Movie Set Feuds



You might be tempted to think that all those superstars are having a great time while shooting a movie. Everyone working on the project is full of understanding, eager to take into account his colleagues’ suggestions and ideas, and it’s all about talent and collaboration… Well, that’s the case if you’re looking at things through rose-colored glasses. Unfortunately, there are quite a few instances where it turned out to be quite the opposite, and here are ten major feuds that took place during a set.

10. Werner Herzog vs. Klaus Kinski


You would expect two friends like German director Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski to get on pretty well when working together, but that was not really the case during the shooting of Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972). Namely, Kinski was reluctant to follow Herzog’s directions, which made the director lose his temper to that point that he held the actor at gunpoint until he agreed to do what he was supposed to. Regardless of how close they were as friends, most described their work on set as “volatile.”

9. Polanski and Dunaway


While working on Chinatown (1974), Polanski was so hard on Dunaway that the actress even refused to comment on their feud during an interview. She only said: “It’s insulting that you would even bring it up!” According to some sources, Polanski’s actions on set were close to bullying, so no wonder Dunaway was that hurt afterward. This is just one of the situations – while shooting one scene, the actress had one stray hair on her face that Polanski believed was ruining the whole shot, so he wanted just to pluck it out.

8. Anthony Daniels And Kenny Baker


This one might be hard to believe given how adorable relationship the characters these two play, have in Star Wars. Yet again, it’s true. According to the late Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2, Anthony Daniels, who played gold droid C-3PO, was rather unpleasant and even rude to him off-set for no apparent reason. When the two met, and Baker politely introduced himself, Daniels simply turned his back and said: “Can’t you see I’m having a conversation?” Well, that’s not really a good start, right? Moreover, he even refused to show up with Baker at conventions.

7. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte


When it comes to I Love Trouble (1994), we have to admit that they could’ve chosen a better couple for the protagonists, as Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte didn’t share the needed chemistry, which was the result of their off-set dislike of each other. The actress found Nolte “disgusting,” while he said that “She’s not a nice person, everyone knows that.” Who’s to blame? Well, maybe they just weren’t a good match, though we should also mention that the actor later stated that I Love Trouble was the worst movie he ever took part in, and that he only accepted the role for the money, which tells us what made him so tense during the shooting, and, naturally, made Roberts like him less. Just saying.

6. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis


Joan Crawford and Bette Davis only showed up together once – in a movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? – and that was enough to lay the foundation for the biggest rivalry ever in film. It is said that Crawford was extremely difficult to work with, and, according to Davis, it was impossible to share the stage with her. Crawford, on the other hand, claims that she minded Davis’s opinion on the film, which was the following: “You were so right, Joan. The picture is good. And I’m terrific.”

5. Joel Schumacher and the Cast of Batman Forever


This one is particularly interesting to mention as we have one-against-all kind of situation. For some reason, Schumacher had a problem with the entire cast of Batman Forever! First, he said that Val Kilmer was “childish and impossible.” Then, there was an issue between Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey. Carrey claims that Jones once told him: “I hate you. I really don’t like you. [ . . . ] I cannot sanction your buffoonery.”

4. Steven Spielberg and Julia Roberts


And we have Julia Roberts again. This time, she had a problem with the director Steven Spielberg while shooting Hook (1991). We don’t know much about this feud, but the actress did say that Spielberg’s comments “really hurt my feelings.”

3. Christian Bale and Shane Hurlbut


While filming Terminator Salvation (2009), Bale had a rather major fight with the director of photography Shane Hurlbut when he got in the way of Bale’s eyeline during an intense scene. He was so mad that he yelled at Hulburt: “I’ll kick your ass. I want you kicked off the set.”

2. Shelley Duvall and Stanley Kubrick


These two had several major disagreements while shooting The Shining, both about the script itself and Duvall’s performance. It was so bad that the actress was even sick for several weeks and her hair started to fall off. Do you remember the scene where Wendy hits Jack Torrance in the head with a bat? Can you believe that Kubrick had Duvall perform this particular scene for 127 takes? No wonder she was desperate, right?

1. David O. Russell


Finally, we have director David O. Russell who also had some misunderstandings on several occasions, such as the one with George Clooney during the shooting of Three Kings. Even though Russell eventually offered his apology, the actor just said: “It was the worst experience of my life.” The next one was Any Adams during the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. Her words were that he made her life “a living hell.” Christian Bale had to intervene to stop his furry.
Well, all things considered, it seems like you can’t really avoid having a little bit of fire when you want to make a movie. Whether it is because someone’s ego or uncontrollable temper, these feuds can happen, and, unfortunately, they are not that rare. Of course, that doesn’t make the movies bad, and we hope you won’t enjoy them less now that you know this.

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