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If you are an anime fan, the release date for The Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 4 must be something you’re anticipating. This anime, which is a real visual feast, completed the second half of its third season this June. At the last announcement at Jump Festa 2018, we learned that season four will continue with the story of ErinaNakiri, Soma Yukihira, andother characters during the Promotion Exams story arc. However, the release date is still not announced and this anime may not premiere until the summer of 2019.


Until waiting for The Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 4, let’s remember what happened in season 3 and what can we expect from the next season.

In the plot of the Third Plate, we saw the introduction of the Elite Council of Ten characters during the Moon Banquet Festival. However, it became quite intense when Erina’s father, AzamiNakiri, entered the scene.

Nevertheless, the manga fans noticed an issue in the Third Plate. In fact, there was no lengthy introduction of the Elite Council of Ten members. The main reason is that it was already mentioned during the Food Wars! OVA called “Totsuki’s Elite Ten,” which was sold with the limited edition of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Volume 25.But, it wasn’t shown on any legal English sub streaming sites.

Shokugeki no Soma Manga Enough For Food Wars! Season 4?

The third season showed the story in only 12 episodes and we felt like it rushed through the source material. It covered both the Moon Banquet Festival and most of the Central story arc from the manga series.

Although the Azami’s character was shown as less important in the OP for the Third Plate anime, it appeared in the fifth episode. In fact, it was voiced by Sho Hayami of Assassination Classroom and Bleach fame.

Going back to the first and second season. The first one covered the first 60 chapters in eight volumes, while the second one 61 chapters through 117 in six volumes and ended with Volume 14. The main focus of the third season was the lengthier Central Arc. So, fans assumed the third season will be 24 episodes long as the Third Plate had 54 chapters. Thus, we all felt like the season was rushed.

As a result, season four has plenty of material to work with. In fact, there are 54 chapters of source material as the manga releases on a weekly basis.


Will Voice Actress Risa Taneda Return For Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 4?

You might be wondering whether the original voice actress, Risa Taneda, will be back for voicing Erina. Even though Hisako Kanemoto did a great job in the third season, many of us miss Taneda. Taneda went on a medical treatment in 2016 and decided to focus on complete recovery. Hence, she couldn’t be back for the Third Plate. However, if she feels better this year, it’s possible to come back and voice Erina again. Nevertheless, nothing official has been announced yet.

The Release Date of Food Wars! Season 4

J.C. Staff aired the first two-cour season in the spring of 2015. It lasted from April to September. Then, the single-cour Second Plate aired in July 2016. The Third Plate began in October of 2017. Although unexpected, the Third Plate finished quickly in December with only 12 episodes. As the third season was quite short, we might expect the Food Wars! Season 4 to happen next year. The most important thing is that J. C. Staff will soon start producing the Food Wars! Season 4.

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