3D Kanojo Real Girl Season 2


TV Series

This anime is adapted from the rom-com manga by Mao Nanami. The main character is TsutsuiHikari, an otaku, who avoids social life and he never had a real-life girlfriend. He is usually mocked by his classmates because he is weird and creepy. But one day, he ends up with his classmate Iroha. She is everything he doesn’t like, she doesn’t have female friends, she is promiscuous, and she skips school. Besides everything, she is nice to Hikari, even when he is not that nice to her. After some time, Hikari has an opportunity to have a real girlfriend. But there is a catch, she is going to move in six months.


The series was licensed by Sentai Filmworks and it was streamed by HIDIVE outside Japan. An interesting addition to the series is that they opened a YouTube channel for a secondary character from the show Yuto Ito.

The series is going to have a Season Two, just about now. The second season will run this month, in NTV’s “AnichU”. There is also going to a live-action film based on this story, with Ayami Nakajo and Hayato Sano. The film will be premiered on September 14, in Japan.

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