Travelers season 4 : Is there going to be another season?


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Netflix has not yet confirmed the new season. The question is this then: Is there going to be another season after the third one premiered this month?

The series is available on Netflix, who has not confirmed the new season. Netflix often waits several weeks after the release of the latest season, to check the reception of the fans. Following this trend, the status of the 4th season of Travelers should be known in early 2019. The cast of the show ended the third season in a finale that left their lives in great danger.

Netflix never reveals viewing figures, meaning it is difficult to predict how much of a hit Travelers is, and will it return for the fourth season.

The first two seasons aired on Showcase in Canada, and Netflix in the rest of the world, while season three is a Netflix exclusive.

This perhaps mean that either Showcase lost faith in it, or that maybe Netflix has a lot ofbelief in the show, enough to completely take over. Both cases mean good news for a potential fourth season.

Netflix has been known to cancel co-produced series. The latest victims are the very popular Daredevil and Luke Cage, which they share with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Last year, Netflix released a list featuring top shows that people watched more than two hours a day. Travelers was seventh on the list, behind Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, which both received 4th seasons. Travelers also beat The OA, which received a second season after appearing on this list.

On the other had, American Vandal is the number one show on the list, although being cancelled this year due to it being co-produced, despite receiving another season.

So far, a former Forbes critic Merrill Barr is the only one who reviewed the new season on Rotten Tomatoes. She wrote, “What we get this year from the show is the best example of what a television series should be.”
Stay tuned for more news on a potential new season of Travelers on Netflix.

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