5 Netflix Series that Marketing Students ought to watch


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Though Netflix has long started developing its own series and movies and releasing it on their platform to its millions of viewers, it has also gained rights to previously released movies and TV shows of other production houses. All in all, Netflix aims to gain hold of every movie or TV show that the users might want to watch and then release it on their platform.

It caters to every taste the viewer has; serving up in all genres and spoiling the customers for choice. It has something for everyone, even for marketing students who want to look at examples of how to market something.

Here are 5 Netflix Series that every marketing student should watch:

  1. Mad Men: Though not an original Netflix series, it portrays plenty of marketing gimmicks a student could take a hint from. It takes us back to an advertising agency in the 60s. There is everything for everyone here. Welcome to the dark world of an advertising agency; office politics, sleaziness, etc. It takes us into the world of Don Draper, creative director of an advertising agency making his way through all the murk and getting on with campaigns. If you are a marketing student, this will surely interest you.


2. The Office– It is one of the funniest TV shows you will come across. Steve Carrell plays Michael Scott, regional manager of a company. Though he has seemingly good intentions, he manages to offend and irritate everyone around him. He keeps in his own world, thinking that his colleagues love working under him and in the office. There are many characters in the show that an employee would feel relatable to colleagues working in their own office. There are various episodes where Michael would bring out new activities and tasks to do for his colleagues that make the situation funnier.


3. Breaking Bad– Though not an ideal mantra for any marketing student; this series shows how one man’s determination and clarity of thinking makes him create an empire from nothing. It is rated frequently as one of the best shows ever to be aired. The storyline and depth of characters make for a compelling watch. Over the course of seasons, it shows how a teacher eventually creates a criminal empire worth millions; though it isn’t anything to take inspiration from, marketing students will love to see how one person tackles and handles all the problems while keeping the focus on his target.


4. The Writers’ Room– This show takes us behind the scenes to the writing rooms of the most popular shows such as Breaking Bad,  Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, etc. It takes us deep into how the writing process works for such TV series and lets us know the insight of people who create the storyline for such shows. It is quite an interesting show for any TV series buff. Once you see it, you will understand the level of creativity, hard work, and brainstorming that goes into the creation of such interesting storylines. It will help any marketing student understand what it takes to create the product for any successful business. You might work hard and come up with something to offer, but still, it would not be accepted if it does not go well with others or someone else comes with a better idea. Tim from TopAssignmentExperts opines, “This show gives you the feel-and-look of what a writers’ room is. It felt so relatable and heartwarming.”


5. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown– In this show, famous TV personality Anthony Bourdain goes off to different countries in search of cultures and food that isn’t that known throughout the world. This show will open your eyes to cultures and people across different countries; it is certainly no replacement for actually being there. But, it will still be some help to gain a perspective. Anybody who works in an industry where creativity and newness are required, ought to travel and see different things in order to broaden one’s horizon. MBA students at ThanksForTheHelp voted in one of the polls as one of the best shows to watch for marketing students.


The marketing tactics are changing together with the development of technology. That is the reason why marketing students need to get familiar with that technological field as well. By gathering valuable pieces of information, their results will become even more effective.

Anyway, according to archyde.com, there are seven universities that students that want to study technology as well should know. With proper education and good marketing skills, their success will come without any doubt.

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