Made in Abyss Season 2 – What is known?


TV Series

Made in Abyss is a series that is loved by each and every anime enthusiast in the world. The story of a young girl who descends into the abyss, followed by her peculiar friend robot, in the search for her mother, is simply loved by hundreds of anime lovers. This anime series has it all to attract all types of viewers.


What Do We Like?

First of all, the mere notion that a girl becomes a friend with a robot has a certain science-fiction foes in it. Secondly, the mere going into the dark and unknown territory and exploring it has a somewhat Star Trek plot. Thirdly, the search for a mother, a loved one, that means a lot, has some elements of a love and adventure stories.

What Is Not Good?

However, it should be honestly said that this series does not offer anything spectacularly new regarding the plot. However, it has been narrated and packed so nicely that makes a unique and great whole. Some critics say that the series can be viewed as a metaphor since the main character needs to go through her biggest fears and deep into herself in order to find a loved one.

Season 2?

Made in Abyss – Season 1 was released and it stirred a lot of attention since it got very popular among the critics, those who made it and acted and audience, of course. The popularity of season one was undisputed and so huge that the rumors about film making based on the series appeared. However, the fans have been asking for the second season of the series. It needs to be said openly and honestly: there are not any official announcement of the production of the second sequel of the series. It is only known that there is the approval for doing the second season, but it is not known how and when.

What is known?


To begin with, there is the confirmation that all the actors from the first season will be the same. However, it needs to be said that that is the only known thing! The release date is not known, and it needs to be pointed out that the series is first broadcast in Japan and then gradually in other parts of the world. We also need to notice that she has not found her mother. This will mean that a young girl will still have to go through depths of the abyss in the search for her mother which will ultimately mean that she will once again has to confront her inner fears and demons.



We are kept in the dark reading Made in Abyss – Season 2 since we do not know what would be the plot and when the sequel will be released. But, based on the people who are making it and on the first part of the anime, there is not any doubt that the sequel will ge good. Time will tell.

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