Game Of Thrones: How it went from a Bestselling Book to a World-known Show


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Game of Thrones has gone on to gain a worldwide fan following over the past few years and achieved cult status among its fans. Though the books had been released a long ago, it had not gained such popularity until the TV series was created on it. It gained massive popularity soon after that when the TV series was made. George R.R. Martin was reluctant at first when he heard that people wanted to make a TV series on the book, but when he met David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, he was convinced of the move.

Though the first book was released in 1996 and the second one in 1998, it went on to gain a lot of recognition in fantasy lovers. The third novel was published in 2000, the fourth one in 2005, and the latest one in 2011. The work on these books was long started before 1996 and went as far back as 1991. It was soon decided that the manuscript was too long to be put in one book and George decided to split it into four books. Right from the first novel, it started gaining attention and an increasing number of readers. By the fourth book, which was incidentally number one on the bestselling list; George R.R. Martin was being recognized as ‘the American Tolkien.’ Such praise is not bestowed easily upon fantasy writers and is somewhat a dream for them.

It was no surprise that people wanted to take rights of the book to create a movie or TV show on it. Soon after Benioff and Weiss got the rights to it and created the show. Nobody had any idea of how successful it would become. It went on to achieve more numbers in viewership season by season, there is no stopping it. Right now, it is the most widely viewed show on earth. There are screenings of its episodes in cinema halls, people gather in numbers online, and all they talk about is the upcoming episode, and people actually subscribe to channel showing the TV show only to watch this particular show.

There is no limit to the cult status it has gained over the years. Much of it has been attributed to the way it is directed. George only agreed to impart the rights because he knew that Benioff and Weiss would be able to do justice to the show. You will find all sorts of comments among fans at Essaywriter4u about Game Of Thrones calling it ‘a legendary show about legends’ and ‘a world full of magic and entertainment.’

What makes the show so interesting is the rawness of characters involved in the show, all the characters are shown in this TV series are complex, and most reside in the gray area rather than black or white. You find all sorts of themes involved in the show such as violence, se’uality, morality, family values, religion, politics, and ambition. It touches a chord for every theme, and that is why the show is so well liked throughout. It isn’t just the dragons, white walkers, magicians, and knights; it is so many things mixed with so many others. Just like Salman Rushdie is known to put magical realism in his seemingly innocuous stories, the TV series puts all kinds of mythical elements in a show that is really about who sits on the thrones.

Talking about the themes it touches, there are a number of people who like it for different reasons. Rebecca, from PaperDoers opines, “For me, it is less about the other elements than it is about a woman in power. You see characters like Daenerys and Cersei who know what it takes to compete in the world and who do anything to stay ahead even with the world against them.”

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