Everything you did (not) know about movie merchandise 



Movies and TV shows are a big part of our lives. We’re surrounded by trailers, adds, commercials, and merch that all remind us of the new hit movie. We all have some Star Wars, Star Trek, or Frozen merch whether it’s figurines or T-shirts. Everyone who has been obsessed with a movie has found themselves drooling over a piece of movie merchandise. Movie merch can also be a good birthday present, and there are many of us who simply like to collect the merch. Numerous movies managed to make more money selling merchandise than at the box office, Star Wars being one of them.

I don’t think that comes as a surprise as A New Hope was released in 1977, but we are still buying Star Wars merchandise. Harry Potter movies are another good example as the films made around $7.7 billion in global box office sales, while the merchandising franchise is worth around 15 billion dollars. Marvel movies and Jurassic World are also examples of movies that made more money selling merch than they did selling tickets.


Movie merchandise revenue hit staggering 51 and a half billion dollars in 2014.

Merch is getting more and more original as the demand is growing. You have to offer better merchandise in order to stay relevant on the market that is highly competitive. Movie merch is a good way of promoting the movies, and movies are a great way to promote the merch. It’s not over once you leave the cinema. Now you’re surrounded by merch everywhere you go.  There are numerous online stores such as MerchShark where we can find the most diverse movie merch. Constantly reminding people of the movie or the TV show is a great way of keeping them interested. Toys, lunchboxes, lamps, bags, T-shirts, pillows, it’s all made so that youngsters will go crazy over them. I mean, it’s true that I myself own a Dart Vader T-shirt, but youngsters are still the main target audience.

In some cases, a lot of merch is sold even before the movie is released. Now, we’re not seeing just shirts and backpacks with a huge “Marvel” written on them. You can find sports equipment or even beer with the huge name of your favorite movie or movie character written on it.

LIMA, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association, reported that the licensing segment of entertainment reached over 100 billion in retail sales. There is even over-saturation of entertainment and celebrity properties.


You can find movie merch practically everywhere. You go to buy bread, there is a Khaleesi key chain next to the register, you go to the gas station, there is a stormtrooper figurine next to the magazines. There are numerous retail stores that sell exclusively movie merch and as many of us are simply ordering everything we need online, now we can buy that Elsa pillowcase online as well.

This industry is huge, true, and we love it. Who wouldn’t want that Marvel mousepad or the Star Wars phone case? If you want to read more interesting articles visit facts.net.

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