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The Nerd Wars: Star Trek vs. Star Wars


Tons of sci-fi and science-based franchises have targeted the nerd crowd over the years. Most came and went with very little fanfare. Among the survivors are …


Best Disney Plus Films and Shows


Entertainment these days comes in many different forms, but watching movies and TV shows have always been and will be one of the best things that …


Movie sets around the world you can visit


Most people love watching a movie, and sometimes, we become so passionate about it, that we invest time and energy in knowing everything about it. One …


Everything you did (not) know about movie merchandise 


Movies and TV shows are a big part of our lives. We’re surrounded by trailers, adds, commercials, and merch that all remind us of the new …

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10 Ideas George Lucas Had For The New ‘Star Wars’ Movies


We all know how the story goes. But do you know how George Lucas wanted the story to go? Lucas sold the movie rights to Disney, …

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Star Wars Episode 9 – Everything We Know


After the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it is time to think about the future and the Episode 9 which follows. The new movie …