How to Write and Where to Send a Resume as an Actor



If you’ve decided to make a name in the movie industry as an actor, chances are that you’ve already seen that things aren’t as “bright” in there as they look like. Sure, being an actor is one of the best jobs, but getting someone to pick you up for a role is not as easy as it may look.

Even actors send their resumes at many different places hoping that one of the directors will notice them, and it usually works. However, in order to send a resume, you need to write one first, and that’s exactly what we’re here to teach you today.

How to write your resume as an actor


There are a few very important things that you need to understand when you’re writing a resume as an actor. First of all, it’s not just like any other resume for a job, and it requires you to mention some things while completely excluding others.

When it comes to reviewing resumes, it is very important that the one you write is very eye-catching, because otherwise it will simply get piled under the hundreds of others that arrive on a daily basis. With all of this being said, let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do in order to make your resume special.

Mention all of your acting experience

When you’re applying for a job as an actor, the employer won’t really care if you’ve been the best supermarket manager a few years back, or if you have a diploma for being a successful athlete in high-school. Sure, those things might help a bit, but only in very specific cases, and in no way they should be the main highlight of your resume. Start out with the most important details regarding your acting career. Previous gigs, TV shows, commercials and anything else that you’ve done. If you are still a bit confused, feel free to visit theladders and take a look at some professionally written resumes.

Keep it short but not too much

Nobody really likes to spend hours reading your resume, and that never really happens anyway. If the person who’s hiring sees a huge “wall of text” you are only increasing the chances that your resume will end up in the paper shredder. If they see a short, concise and good looking resume, however, things will go completely different. Creativity matters a lot as an actor, and one of the starting points can be your resume. You can show that you are being different and that you’re already trying hard before even being hired. This is very important, so make sure that you pay a lot of attention to this step.

Where to send my resume?

Well, if you’re already writing a resume, chances are that you’ve already seen a job offer that you’re interested in. However, you can send it to a lot of other places as well so that you have some extra options for work even if you get rejected in the first place. Acting agencies, people who require actors for a personal projects, the national TV section and almost anywhere else is a great place to send your resume. If they need an actor, try to be the right person.


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