Roses as a Symbol in Movies



Roses are one of the purest flowers in the world. They come in a variety of colors, each one representing a different emotion. But culture and literature has a huge influence in movies, hence why roses are key symbols in multiple high-profile movies in Hollywood. One would assume that there would be some metaphorical meaning of the popular flower; a meaning of love or romance. While the meaning of the red rose is that of love and romance, the movies in our article tell another story from a different point of view. It shows emotions of empathy, destruction, lust, wanting, rebirth, purity, and various other emotions that can be translated through our screens.

When used smartly in movies, the popular pop culture symbol always finds a way to be the focal point of the movie. And in this article, we’re going to touch on the rose as a symbol in movies.

Beauty and the Beast


Disney movies and cartoons are some of the best ones for describing the purest of emotions. The reoccurring theme of Disney movies is to show emotions of love, empathy, and romance, while accompanying them with acts of bravery, heroism, overcoming odds, togetherness, and many more. One movie where the rose has become a popular symbol for one of these emotions is the popular movie “Beauty and the Beast”. In Beauty and the Beast, the rose is enchanted, but not for good reasons. The whole point of the movie is to show how fate cannot be changed, even if physical beauty is the factor that needs to be overcome. The rose in this movie truly symbolizes fate. It is a man’s fate to become a beast for not aiding an elderly woman in need; an elderly woman who happens to be a witch.

The rose in the movie is very important; if the last petal of the rose falls, the man will forever be a beast. The last petal will fall before the man’s 21st birthday, and that is all the time he has left to find true love. But how can someone fall in love with a beast? A beast that is a grumpy, scary, ugly, jerk. Maybe he is all of these because he is a beast. Maybe he is all that because he feels forsaken and cursed to lose his humanity after he rejected helping the elderly woman.

But faith, faith is what brings the beast and the beauty together. But not after she leaves him, leaving us to wonder if this love story will ever have a happy ending. In the end, she comes back after she realizes that fate is what is going to save him.

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V for Vendetta

A movie where a rose doesn’t only symbolize love and romance, but death and brutality is V for Vendetta. In this movie, V is an anarchist that seeks revenge through acts of terrorism, or what the government things. In the movie, V is described as a terrorist, but is he? He preys not on victims, but on people who are bad. People that have wronged others, that have taken their happiness away. V gets into this state after reading a letter from Valerie, after reading that the government took away her roses and destroyed her life. So V leaves a rose as a sign on each of his kills. The rose, however, might resemble something else entirely. For the government, it resembles death and brutality, and although it does, for V it also resembles gentleness and kindness. Indeed the rose in the movie pays homage to Valerie herself. It is a way for V to remember her for the pure soul she was. V grows each of his roses in his garden. But he grows them very gently and he cares for them very much. V is described as a terrorist, a person who wants death and destruction, but he is only doing it to bring justice to the country.

Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland has been subjected to a lot of discussions. Popular artists believe in different things when they dwell deeper into the movie. However, we’re here about roses and there is a very distinctive part of the movie in regards to them. Namely, when Alice meets the Queen of Hearts in her castle, she notices that the guards are painting each of the rose’s red. They do the painting while also singing and they sing the following: “We’re painting the roses red. We date not stop or waste a drop. So let the roses be spread!”

The roses in the Queen’s castle are indeed white. The queen hates them in white, and only wants them in red. The guards fear her wrath if they do not do what she does, so they blatantly paint them without asking any questions. However, Alice asks them why must they paint them red, and one of the guards says that they planted white roses by mistake so they have to paint them red. He also says that the queen hates them and if they do not do it they would lose their heads.

However, the queen notices one half painted rose and asks for all of the three guards’ heads. But what do the roses represent? The queen is the queen of hearts, and the heart is mostly associated with red. Red roses, as we mentioned, as mostly associated with love and romance, something that the queen of hearts doesn’t have but wants. Alice, on the other hand, is pure and innocent, something that a white rose would represent. It is commonly believed that Wonderland is a place where Alice has to mature and enter adulthood, the part of life where romance and love are mostly found.

Others think that painting the roses represents hiding who you are and the type of person you are, so naturally, that would make the Queen an impure person, and one that cannot stands the sight of a rose other than red.

Roses symbolize different things in different movies. But the color of the rose should be taken into consideration when discussing the meaning and symbolization.


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