5 Movies That Didn’t Receive An Oscar But Had A Great Impact On The Industry


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It is usually the rewards and nominations that grade movies and their success among the audience. The level of social impact that they leave on people is one great criterion that gives a significant advantage towards winning an Oscar, but there are other things such as the nominations they receive or the box office success that are also very important.

However, a movie can have a strong impact on the world and yet goes without winning an Oscar. Here are some examples.

Léon (1994)


Léon was the film that helped Natalie Portman to succeed in Hollywood. The storyline which joins the orphan and the killer in mutual actions was a motive that drifted in the future projects and left a vital mark in the industry. Great performance of Gary Oldman was something to remember for a long time, yet he hasn’t received any nomination, and neither has the film.

Psycho (1960)


A masterpiece coming from Alfred Hitchcock and definitely one of his greatest works. There are some scenes from the movie that even people who haven’t seen it would recognize them as Hitchcock’s piece of art. Psycho was nominated for Oscar in four categories, however, it didn’t manage to receive the reward.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


This is the movie that should have got Leonardo Di Caprio’s first Oscar award, however, it went into Matthew McConaughey’s hands. The Wolf of Wall Street hasn’t won the award even though it had five nominations.

Fight Club (1999)


It’s been almost 20 years after Fight Club was first released and it’s still one of the most popular films nowadays, coming from David Fincher. Even though everyone expected it, Fincher hasn’t received a reward for this masterpiece.

Taxi Driver (1976)

The plot and the outstanding performance of young Robert De Niro make every generation watch Taxi Driver over and over again. It had great influence on its audience, and it received four nominations, including best actor, best supporting actress, and best movie. However, even though it was awarded in America, it didn’t meet the same approval in Europe.

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