4 Benefits of Relaxing Waiting Room Videos



Many professionals are not sure if installing TVs in their waiting rooms will be the right way to go. The statistic shows that no matter what your business is, your clients or patients will feel better, safer, and more relaxed when looking at the TV while they wait for their appointment.

Here we are going to talk about the benefits of the relaxing shows you can play while the people in your office waiting for their turn. Follow these tips and you will make your whole business a better place and a nicer environment for everyone who’s there.


1. Time goes by faster

When we have to wait for a long time somewhere, we tend to get aggravated and we cannot wait for our appointment. We are all aware that sometimes we have to be in the same place for many hours before we can get to see the professional, and we need something to help the time pass faster. Most people choose to play a game on their phones or to browse social media. But, what happens when our phone battery is low or when we just get bored at looking at the same posts and playing the same games? Well, the videos that are shown in the waiting rooms can help us feel like time flies and it will keep us distracted.

Depending on the place, people choose anything from music videos up to movies and TV shows. It is said that popular, and older movies are the best type of videos for the waiting rooms. They are long enough so people can focus on them, without feeling anxious. Another thing that many owners choose is short comedy shows. The reason for this is that they have interesting puns and they can capture the attention of everyone, no matter their age, or show preferences.

If you are not sure what type of videos you should put in your waiting rooms, it is better to choose classics that everyone will like. Comedies are the most popular because they can lift the mood and make people laugh. You should stay away from the horrors and harsh actions because they can make the people restless and they can make them more aggravated. Thrillers can be interesting and fun, but it is hard to learn what happened at the beginning when the movie is close to the end.

Many owners choose to go with some subtle marketing as well, so they can promote different products while people are in the waiting rooms.


2. Distraction

When people have to wait for their doctor’s appointment they are usually really stressed and they focus only on the upcoming exam. That can lead to anxiety and even panic attacks. So, the best way to keep them distracted is to play interesting videos in the waiting rooms.

These clips are recommended for any type of office and uscenes.com suggests that loopable videos are ideal for healthcare centers because they provide a relaxing solution. The main goal of every healthcare provider is to make their patients feel well and relaxed, and when you keep distracted by the TV, it is easier to reach that goal.

Make sure that the clips are not played too loud and that the whole atmosphere is relaxing. If you choose to play movies or shows, then you should always add subtitles. Try to steer away from traditional channels and the news. When people watch the news, they usually end up seeing something that may upset them. Even though sports games are a great distraction, not everyone is interested in them, and people may even start disagreeing if they root for opposite teams.

So, you have several options when choosing the right videos for your office. You can choose movies or shows that are of the positive and funny genres, or you can choose loopable clips that will go on and on. If you choose the latter, then you should make sure that your playlist is long enough so people don’t get bored with the same clips.


3. Subtle marketing

One thing that many people choose to play in their offices are ads and promotional videos. The reason behind it is that they usually are interesting. These videos have a captivating theme and they tell a story. The statistic shows that people get calmer when they watch cleaning videos and that is a great way to target an audience.

If you choose to do this, you can talk to different companies that would like to do marketing in your office and play some of their ads on your TVs. When choosing this, you need to opt for companies that offer relaxing ads without them being too aggressive. The story is more important than the product and your patients, no matter their gender or age, will get distracted.

4. Education

If you are in charge of a health-related office, then you want to help your patients learn more about how to keep themselves healthy and how to improve their immune system.

Right now there is a global pandemic, and unfortunately, not many people know what they need to do to stay safe. You can teach them about the right way to wash their hands, how to keep social distancing, and what they need to pay attention to.

These things should be done even when the world is at peace and when there are no deadly viruses that affect everyone. You can help your patients learn basic health things, including more information on how to prevent seasonal flu and how to fight germs. If your office is treating a specific condition then you can give more information about that disease.

For example, if you are running an eye-clinic, then you can educate people on how to protect their eyes, how to notice the first signs of eye disease, what they should do before contacting the doctor, and when they should come to your office. Information like this is not only helpful, but it is interesting as well. It will keep the patients entertained, and they won’t pay attention to the time they have to wait.

When you install videos in your office, you will also help your staff and you can play clips by introducing them to your patients. That will create a better connection and your patients will feel safer. Introducing TVs and clips into your waiting office will help your overall business, so you should do that as soon as possible.

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