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What first comes to your mind when you hear the term ’80s’? Is it the music, fashion, Live Aid, sports and leisure time, calm before the storm? The eighties are truly a global phenomenon. They are a symbol of one era, the lifestyle, first successful attempts at media globalization and the dominance of television. Television and TV shows were booming at that time – and which TV shows did you watch most during the ’80s? We will remind you of some of them.

Golden Years

The 80s were, by many, the “golden years”, and everyone who grew up then remembered them with a great deal of nostalgia. Most things that are considered cult today are a product of the 1980s. Some of them are still current. It is difficult to single out just a few things that have marked them, but we have tried to highlight for each of these years some of the most interesting that has left the greatest impression and that are still remembered today. The 80s were, by many, the “golden years”. Everyone who grew up then remembered them with a great deal of nostalgia.

Pop Culture Boom

Most things that are considered cult today are a product of the 1980s – and some of them are still current. It is difficult to single out just a few things that have marked the 80s. However, we will try to highlight some of the most interesting things that have left the greatest impression. This was a time of great changes, but also of famous pop culture, which included some of the new inventions such as walkman – as well as the music, funny fashion style, great movies and even better TV shows that we loved.

TV Shows We Loved In The 80s

As we can see, the television program is full of reruns from the 1980s. Are there any of you who haven’t followed series like Dynasty, Murder She Wrote, or Full House and Love and Marriage? We believe there are none – and some of these TV shows are, to a greater or lesser extent, constantly present today. Characters from ‘Cheers’, ‘Black Adder’ heroes, and many others returned to the TV screens. If you have a good satellite TV package, we are sure that you can catch many reruns of these television shows on some of the numerous channels that SAT-TV offers.

So get yourself the best satellite dish to enjoy a good program and occasional trips to the past – at least when it comes to television shows. If you want to know how to choose the best satellite TV as well as related equipment like satellite dishes, visit here. However, we decided to come up with a list of TV shows that marked the 80’s. We would love to see again many of these TV shows – and if nothing else, some will you serve as a download reminder.

1. Return To Eden

This Australian bestseller was originally shot as a miniseries. However, after remarkable success, filming continued – and the series became an even bigger hit. Return to Eden brings the story of Stephanie, a young and wealthy heiress. Her newlywed husband pushed her into a swamp full of crocodiles – so he could inherit her fortune! But Stephanie survives and after the facial reconstruction she takes on a new identity. Then she begins to plan her revenge – returning to Sydney and becoming a supermodel Tara Wells.

2. Midnight Caller

A series about Jack Killian, a troubled ex-detective who, after fighting alcohol, begins working as a radio presenter – and turns into The Nighthawk character. During the night, he receives calls, and during the day he solves the cases of his listeners. The actor Gary Cole was remembered exclusively for this role – but despite its promising premise, this TV show has not been held for more than three seasons.

3. Black Adder

“Black Adder” is one of the few examples of television shows that got better with each new season. At first, confused Rowan Atkinson had already turned into a “poisonous” character in the second season as we looked at the other three seasons. Among the cast members is Hugh Laurie, whom many met only later in the “Dr House”. Sarcasm lovers know that this is a classic not to be missed.

4. Cheers

“Cheers” was and remains the best sitcom of the ’80s no matter what. Although the quality dropped in later seasons, it was still a great series by James Burrows, Glenn and Les Charles, which also produced one of the probably best spin-offs of all time – the excellent “Frasier”. However, at the very beginning, the television show was almost cancelled due to its desperate viewership, but in the end, it became the most-watched in as many as nine out of a total of 11 seasons.

And, amazingly, we don’t see reruns more often than “Nanny” or “Married with children”.

5. Crime Story

Nothing can bring you back to the 80s faster than Dennis Farina’s moustache and the title theme “Runaway.” Basically, in many viewers’ opinion – this is one of the best cop series of all time – and a prototype for TV shows that came out later. For example, “Sopranos.”

We will also mention that Martin Scorsese was inspired by this TV show during the shooting of his movie “Casino”, which is a pretty good reference.

6. Battlestar Galactica

Today, compared to the new version, the old Galactica probably looks ridiculous. But in the 80s this was the top SF series! The original television show was filmed in the late 1970s, a short sequel followed in 1980, and a new version in 2004.

7. Only Fools And Horses

A cult humorous TV show about the Trotter brothers dealing in the sale of various substandard goods of suspicious origin at a London suburb market. Cunning London trader Derek Trotter dreams of becoming rich, but his every suspicious business and murky plan always ends up disastrous. In the meantime, he must also take care of his family. This award-winning life-celebrating television show is one of the UK’s most popular television shows and has broken viewership records every new season.

8. Allo Allo

The comedy, written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, is based on a story about a village in France during World War II – in which both German occupiers and French villagers try to get the painting called “The fallen Madonna with the big boobies” by a certain artist Van Clomp. The main character of the series is Rene, the owner of the cafe, played by actor Gorden Kay. The script of the TV show was also adapted for the theatre – and the play, which featured almost all the actors in the series, was successfully performed since 1986.

9. L.A. Law

The first lawyer series we watched, L.A. Law, lasted eight seasons and won five Golden Globes (as well as a Dynasty). But apart from the Golden Globes, she earned as many as 15 Emmys and was one of the most popular drama series of the 1980s.

10. The Wonder Years

This comedy, set in the American suburbs from 1968 to 1973, is the story of a kid named Kevin Arnold and his girlfriend Winnie Cooper. It’s a nostalgic and melancholy series, which was named one of the best series of the eighties.

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