5 Movie Stars Who Use CBD Products



The opinion of movie stars isn’t necessarily better than that of the average person. They are people just like us, after all. However, when it comes to new trends, you can often use celebrity endorsements as a sort of popularity thermometer. The more celebrities endorse and invest in a trend, the more traction that trend is likely to have.

Celebrity endorsements are a consequence of a trend’s popularity, and they also help boost said popularity. But before we take a look at which stars are using CBD, let’s clarify what CBD is.

Healthy hemp extract


It is a hemp extract that was made legal in the US with the 2018 Farm Bill. Today the substance is legal on all 50 states, although some states limit who can buy the substance.

Since CBD usage is a new trend, the science is still coming in as to what the substance can actually do. Cannabidiol seems to be effective in treating everything from chronic pain to PMS, and it is safe enough to be worth a try.

According to a review conducted by the World Health Organization, CBD offers no risk for addiction or substance abuse. There are potential side effects to using the substance, but all of the common ones are mild and leave no lasting damage. According to the FDA’s website, the main risk associated with the user is the potential for increased liver toxicity, which is common to many health supplements.

If you are going to make this substance a part of your daily routine, you should stay on top of your regular blood exams. Those will let you catch any damage to your liver early on. Assuming, of course, that the FDA is justified in their concerns — which they seem to be.

Who’s using CBD?

Movie stars big and small have spoken about CBD products in the past. Including the following big names.

1 – Gwyneth Paltrow


The actress is also the entrepreneur behind the Goop lifestyle brand. She’s credited with both popularizing and normalizing CBD by featuring the substance as part of her Goop line up.

Goop has always been a brand that sets trends, especially in the health department. On top of that, by featuring the substance, the brand made CBD acceptable among a target demographic that might have otherwise frowned upon the substance’s cannabis origins.

2 – Whoopi Goldberg


Another actress/entrepreneur, Whoopi Goldberg is the co-founder of Woopy & Maya. The company’s main focus was legally distributing medical marijuana, but it used to offer CBD products as well. Goldberg herself has used it to deal with painful conditions in the past, and vouches for the substance’s effectiveness.

Unfortunately, Woopy & Maya ceased to operate in the first quarter of 2022 due to a dispute between the two co-founders. However, there is no indication that the business dispute has made either founder believe less in the healing properties of cannabidiol.

3 – Morgan Freeman


It’s hard to believe that Morgan Freeman is already 83 years old. Also, many don’t know that he suffered a serious car accident in 2008 and has been dealing with chronic pain ever since. The pain is caused by severe nerve damage in his arm and shoulder, and the only thing that helps him manage the pain is medical marijuana.

Freeman never specified which strand of marijuana he uses, but it is likely a strand that has high amounts of CBD. This is what grants marijuana its analgesic properties, and the substance is often used alongside THC to treat chronic pain. It’s also used to help reduce the discomfort caused by painful chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis.

4 – Olivia Wilde


In an interview, Olivia Wilde explained how being part of a broadway show for six months did a number on her physical health. She started experiencing pain and discomfort throughout her body. The pain was worse in her neck, which was both tense and sore. A combination of physical effort and emotional stress was likely to blame for the pain she experienced.

The actress explained that when she was in pain, she used to use CBD body lotion to bring relief to her entire body. It was a way to deal with the discomfort without having to rely too much on painkillers. And the fact that it also helps rejuvenate the skin was probably a bonus for her.

5 – Montel Williams


Williams has both spoken in favor of CBD and created his own brand. He started using the substance as a way to treat his multiple sclerosis, and the results were significant enough that he decided to invest money in the product. In recent years, his brand was the subject of internal power struggles and legal controversies. However, he never stopped believing in the healing properties of CBD.

Why do so many stars use it?

Many more movie stars have started using CBD as part of their self-care routine. Celebrity stylists have even been quoted as saying that it s the best life hack for actresses who want to wear heels at the Oscars, as applying CBD on your feet will help them stay on those heels much longer without experiencing any discomfort.

Why is it so beloved by the famous? Well, there are a few good reasons. First, the main dangers associated with it are not a problem when you are wealthy. CBD is only dangerous when you are buying mystery oils online at steep discounts since that’s when you may end up with a product that is contaminated with heavy metals or THC.

Another reason is the fact that CBD is natural and non-addictive. Hollywood has a dark history when it comes to addiction, so it’s no wonder that actors and actresses alike are very keen on addictive substances when possible.

Finally, there are secondary benefits associated with this substance. All the movie stars mentioned above used CBD to deal with pain, but the substance also helps reduce stress and anxiety. Being more relaxed can benefit several aspects of your health, and it even decreases your chances of developing heart diseases.

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