Corey Harrison Net Worth 2019 – How Much is the Pawn Stars Member Worth?


Net Worth

Richard Corey Harrison is an American reality TV star and businessman. He was born on April 27, 1983 in Las Vegas, where he also grew up along with his two brothers, Adam and Jake.

Corey is the son of Rick Harrison and Kim Harrison, and the grandson of Richard Benjamin Harrison. He, his dad and his grandpa co-own the World Famous Gold &Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Corey’s nickname is “Big Hoss”, featured in the History TV series Pawn Stars of which he is a member. The show shows his family’s work at their famous Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where he began working when he was only nine.

Many plots of Pawn Stars feature Corey and arguing with his father and grandfather over the knowledge of the inventory, being a manager, and the overall judgment of sales, especially when valuable and expensive items are in question.

Corey has a deep love and passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is a proud biker. Despite not having a of free time, he rides his bike whenever he can. Opposite of the biker stereotype, Corey is a very kind and loving person at heart. He loves to help others, signing autographs for fans and attending benefits and charities to raise money and awareness.

The relationship he has with his dad Rick and grandpa “Old Man” could be described as tyranny of love. Corey is very clever and sarcastic, and he is the favorite cast member for many fans. His humorous analogies are iconic, with one of his best quotes being the following: ” Life ain’t all burritos and strippers, if you can’t handle it wear a helmet”.

Corey also appeared with his dad and Chumlee on the episode of the TV series iCarly called “i Lost My Head in Vegas”, which aired on November 3, 2012.

Corey had a bike accident on April 26, 2014, hours before his 31st birthday. He broke his arm and had injuries to his back and foot.

Personal Life

The youngest of the Harrison owners is 6 feet tall, or 184 cm. He has a wife, Kiki Harrison. She is his second wife, as he divorced his high school sweetheart Charlene Harrison in 2015 after six years of marriage. He has two children, a son Jacob, and a daughter Sarina. Corey, as well as the rest of the crew, is famous for losing his weight. We used to weigh more than 400 pounds, but dropped to only 190 after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He currently lives in a luxurious house in Las Vegas. It was in the headlines back in 2016 as it was on sale for $2.39 million. The enormous mansion has seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a private bar and a swimming pool.

Corey Harrison Net Worth

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He is a successful and well-established businessman who earns a lot thanks to his famous family business. He is one of the best and most influential sellers in the world.

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