How Hard is it to be a Voice Over Artist – 2022 Guide



The voice-over artist is a career chosen by many, but not everyone will achieve equal success in the end. The reason for this is the complicated path to the top, which is paved with numerous challenges and unpredictable outcomes. Therefore, artists are constantly faced with the factor of surprise, which is why they can never be one hundred percent sure that their name will be among the best in this business. Many have found a place for themselves in this industry, while on the other hand many haven’t been so lucky. While statistics, which show a very low annual salary in this business, can seem very discouraging, there are still enough examples of professionals who have succeeded in this business.

Maybe right now, you are thinking about starting standing out among the competitors in the market and building a reputation as a popular voice-over artist to whom the job will be gladly offered. How difficult it is to be in the shoes of those who have set out on this path, conclude for yourself by reading the following lines.

What does voice over artist mean?

Let’s start by looking at the basic characteristics of this business. Voice acting is the art of performing different voices by professional actors to present characters from movies and TV shows. In this way, animated characters are brought to life to provide the audience with more information about their characteristics.

A wide range of voice improvisations and the ability to effectively emphasize details are among the main skills of professionals in this field. Such skills are often required for documentaries, television, and radio commercials. There are no standards that determine the required level of education. Still, most actors who choose to build a career in this direction have in their CV enrolled completed a course or training that make them sufficiently competent.

What type of job is it?

This job involves a set of talents that can be useful for playing a variety of roles. These roles are lending voice in commercials, animated films, video games, documentaries, and audiobooks. The range of projects that need such engagements is very wide, and artists have the opportunity to shine and be noticed on the local, national, and international scene. How far such an artist will reach will depend on his professionalism.

Quality actors stand out for their ability to interpret different tones and accents. What distinguishes them from other colleagues who are shown and visible to us on the screens is the scenario that they don’t get in advance. Thus, they don’t have the opportunity to practice, nor a large number of rehearsals, but their talent to interpret it in the way that is required of them immediately after reading from the script is assessed.

Looking for a job in this industry is a big challenge. This means frequent auditions with the hope that the commission will include someone who will recognize your talent, which stands out in some way in relation to other candidates.

Another way to find a job is through an agency that will introduce you to interested directors. Voix Off Master has provided an easy way to find candidates with the help of an internet search. The website links you to the selected candidate so you can talk to them or listen to their demonstrations.

While some voice actors have to record demonstrations in someone else’s studio, some have such capabilities at home and can electronically send their recorded files. Having adequate technical equipment can give you an advantage over other candidates.

Such artists are mostly paid per hour worked, with an average price of around $ 29. The countries that have been showing the most interest lately and have the greatest need for this talent are Illinois, New York, and California.

What are the requirements for a voice over artist?

Although it’s officially considered that education in this field isn’t necessary and that no one will require it of you, it’s important to note that the practice has proven to be a little different. First of all, many voices over artists have a vocal acting course enrolled in their SV. This experience is a great advantage for them at the audition compared to other candidates. These courses teach you about different techniques, personal marketing, and how to make a demo for an employer.

With adequate technical equipment, significant competitiveness is gained because such candidates can create and send their demonstrations faster. So, this kind of work will require little investment.

Those who have the talent to perform various accents will also have better chances for employment. Thus, they can play several roles within one project, which will prevent the creation of additional costs.


The hardest part of the voice-over artist job is the challenges that pave the way to success. The most common are:

– Carefully practice your voice so that it does not strain and let you down halfway through the recording session

– Willingness to be rejected at auditions often

– Constant dynamic working hours

– frequent change of job location

– Inconspicuous and minimal employment growth

– Lip synchronization is one of the main factors that need to be improved

– The struggle for the constant improvement of the voice that will be borrowed in movies and series

– Sync skills for off-screen playback

– The skill of perfect coping in different styles

– Quality technical equipment (quality microphone, crystal sound)

– The skills of a good narrator

– Ability to hold the attention of listeners and viewers

-Abandoning bad habits (attempts to imitate)

– Authenticity Natural behavior

– Creating the most professional version of yourself

– Natural talent in a large number of cases


Not everything is as difficult as it seems. The voice over artist job also has several significant advantages.

You can become part of the entertainment industry: Once your name becomes recognizable and you gain an enviable reputation among colleagues, you become part of the entertainment industry, which every artist like this dreams of. It is believed that the demand for actors who will be adequate for hiring in short films is gradually increasing. Thanks to your potential, natural talent, and skills, you have a great chance to reach the top.

You can become a representative of various brands: Big brands work every day to improve their marketing strategy and broadcast new advertisements to reach as many customers as possible. You can easily become the recognizable sound of these commercials and make significant contacts that will benefit you in the future.

You will be the owner of different voices that you will be proud of: Once you acquire these skills, the sky will be your limit. By applying the right technique, you will stand out in this industry and not be noticed at various competitors’ auditions.

How difficult it is to be a part of this industry and do this kind of work remains for you to conclude based on everything presented. Consider all the challenges and advantages to understand your approximate chances of achieving success in voice acting. We wish you luck!

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