Best 7 Poker and Other Card Games Featured In Movies



If you are a fan of movies about gambling topic, we can say with certainty that in our cinematography various movies have vividly presented what gambling can bring you and what it can take away from you in life. The directors, inspired by this theme, created something that experienced great success and is gaining more and more popularity in the world. The most common movies of this type are related to Texas Holdem Poker, but what other card games are there in movies? Below we will list the 7 best movies, where the emphasis is only on gambling, whether it is about poker or other games that are made to feed the fans of all that, to give pleasure and the adrenaline, and also excitement that occurs when watching it. We will start with poker, which shows how this seemingly harmless game has countless faces that serve as an accompanying trump card for participating in this game. So, the game of poker in the movies is shown as a very exciting adventure, starting from the stakes to enjoying the company, the so-called bluff and how much the participants are ready to take risks.

As we started with poker, we will continue in that mood, so here is some advice that shouldn’t be missed if you are a fan of movies and games of chance:

1.The Gambler


Various films vividly portray poker and its good or bad side, it depends on which point of view you look at it. Poker was shown to us in the right way in the movie The Gambler where it perfectly indicates how addiction can push the limits of dignity like no other. One of the first films of this genre is The Gambler, which reached its peak in 1974 and inspired many directors to show how poker is not easy to play, even though no lesson about it can be learned and thus mastered. You play it as you feel, and you are consciously prepared for the risk beforehand.

2. Casino

Casino movies also experienced their peak and according to some research, most teenagers in America tried to play poker like Robert DeNiro played the same in this film production. Las Vegas, as the cradle of this fanatic, fascinates many people and therefore encourages them to try their luck in poker games, roulette, slot machines, etc. We will emphasize that after the movie Casino, many years later, films with a similar theme were shot, but none of them experienced this level of popularity and never surpassed it.

3. Rain Man

This movie is also one of the cults that were filmed in the 90s, and its theme is based on family values. Brothers who are obsessed with dice, their mathematical virtuosity helps in the game of Black Jack to come out of it all as winners. Very instructive story.

4. Dragon Tiger Gate


Based on the movie Dragon Tiger Gate, a slot machine was designed that can bring you money but left you without a penny at the same time. Dragon Tiger is a game that also reached its peak in Los Vegas, not like poker, but a game in which there is not much thinking, but it is based on the fact that it is a measure of your luck.

Of all these famous films that we have listed above, there are many more that show poker as an art, and some that are necessary to list are also Casino Royal, Rounders, etc. But enough about poker, we will list more popular films where poker is not the main gambling game, and they are also experiencing a boom in cinematography.

5. Run Lola Run

This is a great movie in which it is shown how Lola, who is in a race against time, runs into the casino and puts all her money on the chips that go into the roulette, puts the number 20 black, gets money and continues to run.

Interestingly, most of the films were shot based on dice, made in Las Vegas, where, in addition to poker, which is the most common, there are other gambling games, but no film took the opportunity to show how exciting dice can be on other devices from which you win it depends on the luck you brought with you that day. It is precisely for this reason that we return to the topic of poker as a game that is shown in movies, is an excellent topic can be made precisely because in poker there are many events, verbal or non-verbal communication accompanied by tricks that may contribute to leaving the casino as the winner. The bottom line is that, unlike roulette or slot machines, poker requires thinking, and knowing the so-called bluffing skills, without being cheated by your partner in the game.

So, we return to the examples that are shown as some of the best stories and based on the cube, in the movies. We will highlight also:

6. Texas Holdem


Texas Holdem is one of the rare films that were not shot in Las Vegas, but in New Orleans, right after its discovery, a film was shot showing the possibilities and interesting things that this game brings. Filmed to amaze the audience, obviously successful, gambling and tasting luck in poker happens transparently on the big screen, where people can follow the events live, have their favourites, and express their feelings. It is interesting that in the gambling game that is already in progress, they could gamble themselves by putting their money on their favourite and perhaps hit great odds.

7. Casablanca

Let’s go back to roulette. If you’ve ever been to a casino without tasting luck at roulette, it’s the same as if you’ve been to a bar and ended up with a bottle of water. Roulette is a game that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge, you just have to try your luck. Roulette is shown phenomenally in the movie Casablanca, where the importance of this game is highlighted and shows us that with a little luck you can be richer and also be left with nothing.

Few gamblers know when it’s time to stop. If we could control ourselves when it comes to this type of entertainment and realize that it is just for fun, we’re sure most people could raise their enjoyment to a higher level. In addition to all the movies about poker and roulette that have been filmed and show how badly they can affect society, it can be said that most of the movies about these gambling games are based on true stories.

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