7 Tips for Writing Your First Movie Script

Sebastian Mertonby:

Writing a screenplay is an extremely rewarding process but it’s not easy. Scriptwriting requires some strategies to excel at it, especially if it is your first …

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The Top 10 Best Action Movies for Movie Lovers

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The best action movies with daring scenes and compelling storylines will bring audiences intense yet riveting moments. Action movies are an indispensable spiritual dish for many …


7 Top English Voice Actors and Accents that Made History

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Voice acting makes a significant contribution to numerous television productions, films, video games, and advertisements globally. It is needed in nearly all animated films or when …

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Most Rewatched Movie Scenes of All Time

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“Please rewind! I need to see that again”! You say this is when you realize that it is your favorite scene or hit you. You hit …


The Nerd Wars: Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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Tons of sci-fi and science-based franchises have targeted the nerd crowd over the years. Most came and went with very little fanfare. Among the survivors are …


What are the Best Movie-Themed Slot Machines to Play in Online Casinos?

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Are you one of those people who love to spend time watching movies and playing slot machines? We have great news for you! Modern online casinos, …


Famous Actors Who Love to Test Their Luck

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If you take away their giant piles of cash, collections of cars, private jets, designer suits, and manors that could easily house twenty families, celebrities are, …


How To Vape CBD Oil Like A Pro – 2020 Guide

Peter Jacksonby:

CBD oil and its products are one of the most popular products in the world at this point in time. One of the main reasons for …

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3 Great Movies About Writers to Inspire Every Aspiring Creator

Sebastian Mertonby:

Creative writing is one of the oldest and most flexible art mediums. But it’s not as simple as sitting down with your notebook and jotting down …

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Top 10 Vampire Films for Blood – Sucking Novices

Anees Thakerby:

Hollywood producers have been making vampire films since the silent era. In fact, there are so many vampire flicks out there that the legend of Dracula …