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The Nine Renovations of the House From the Notebook

Sebastian Mertonby:

A significant part of The Notebook is the renovation of the Windsor Plantation home. It’s the crucial crux of the movie – Noah Calhoun promises to …


CBD Vaping – Perfect To Enhance The Movie Watching Experience

Sebastian Mertonby:

If there is one love that binds the entire world together, it is the love for movies. Who does like to spend a few hours of …


What are the Best Movie-Themed Slot Machines to Play in Online Casinos?

Sebastian Mertonby:

Are you one of those people who love to spend time watching movies and playing slot machines? We have great news for you! Modern online casinos, …


Learning to Play Your Favourite Tune from Any Movie and Impress Everyone

Peter Jacksonby:

We all have some favourite songs and tune, which we often try to sing or play on the instrument. But the fact is, not everybody is …


5 Movie-Inspired Watches

Sebastian Mertonby:

In a given situation, if a watch shows up in a movie, it can be a big hit for watch lovers and movie fans. It’s incredible …

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Rambo 5: New Details on Characters and Storyline

Sebastian Mertonby:

A teaser for Rambo 5 is finally out. Sylvester Stallone posted it on his social media and thrilled the fans who were eager to check it …

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Dogs in the movie industry

Sebastian Mertonby:

Even people who are more inclined to cats or may not be animal lovers in general can’t dispute the fact that dogs have a major role …

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Four Famous Animals in TV shows and Movies!

Sebastian Mertonby:

Most of the people really enjoy animals. The vast majority of them think that it’s really cute when an animal gets a big role in a …