Four Famous Animals in TV shows and Movies!


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Most of the people really enjoy animals. The vast majority of them think that it’s really cute when an animal gets a big role in a TV series or a movie. They bring something different to the table so the fans like them. Today, we are going to talk about our favorite furry and non-furry friends that became popular by starring in a successful film or TV series. There is no doubt that you heard about at least one of these.

Rin Tin Tin

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It all started with this German shepherd called Rin Tin Tin. He was rescued by an American soldier back during the World War One. He went on to make more than 20 movies in Hollywood before dying in 1932. There were even three radio shows that aired after his death with him being the central character of those.


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It’s not about dogs and cats all the time. You have maybe heard about the movie Flipper, with the dolphin that had the same name. It’s funny that Flipper was a male character who was played by a female dolphin named Suzie. A couple of different dolphins were also cast as Flipper and they were all female because they are easier to deal with.


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If you are a fan of the Friends, there is no doubt that you do know who Marcel is. He was Ross’ monkey and his great friend as well. We could see him during the first season of the show before he was written off. Marcel made one more appearance later on, as he already became a big movie star in the TV series.


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The kids from the nineties know that this was a big hit back during their childhood. Most of the fans don’t even know that the main character was played not only by one or two pigs. There were in a total of 48 different pigs that shared the time as the main character of Babe. We bet you have never heard of something like this.

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