Learning to Play Your Favourite Tune from Any Movie and Impress Everyone



We all have some favourite songs and tune, which we often try to sing or play on the instrument. But the fact is, not everybody is a musician who knows all the elements of music. So when it comes to playing a tune or learning the chords, most people hung up the instrument. The reasons are many, first is the busy schedule people have. The second reason is the scarcity of a reliable source with all information and tutorials elaborated in brief, and the language is such that even a novice can understand and learn easily.

Going to a music class is not everyone’s cup of tea; hence it is better to search for some trusted and known online music website which can help you learn chords of your favourite song sitting at the comfort of your home. There are some popular music teaching website on the internet where you get instant chords for any song from your favourite movies or albums. Imagine being able to play the iconic song, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion from the movie “Titanic” or Parry Williams “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 and mesmerize people.

If you have been pursuing music and learning any one of the instruments, guitar, piano, or the ukulele and want to practice chords that are easy and simple for a novice like you, then you should visit music teaching websites. There are thousands of greatest hits from movies available with tunes and their chords for you to pick from and play.

Practice till you succeed

Practice makes you perfect, so the more you practice, the better you will get. Music teaching websites is where any or all songs are broken down into chords making it easier for anyone to pick up either of the three musical instruments and start playing.

There are numerous easy tutorial videos and easy to comprehend blogs, that will help you and guide you to understand chords better, as well as how to play them with perfection which you will with the amount of practice you put in. You can also play any tune from any movie or song as many times you want until you learn the chords.

This is way more advantageous than brick and mortar music classes because the tutor can only teach you for a specific time duration and after that, you are on your own. But this is not the case with you when you learn the basics from music teaching website. You are free to practice as long as you want without the need to drive to the nearest music class every day. Chordify.net is the ideal choice for people who are very busy due to hectic schedule but loves music and are desperate to learn to play their favourite tune.

Taking a different path to the same destination

As a musician, it essential to know how to play the same chord in various pitch or intonation so that it doesn’t feel monotonous, playing the same chord repeatedly. This is one of the reasons why music teaching websites have so many blogs written primarily to explain the various paths leading to the G7 chord. The blogs are ideal for those playing the guitar, piano, or the ukulele as it’s primarily for them.


A person has to learn various techniques to play any tune by experimenting with its pitch and scale. For example, we listen to the remix version of an old melody and equally love it. Do you know why you love the remixes? Because that old melody has undergone some experiment of scale, pitch, tempo, timbre. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can make your own version of a remix of your favourite movie song or music?

This is why it is imperative to learn every element of the music so that you can also learn to experiment with your favourite tune.  A music teaching website helps people learn different aspects of a tune and help them create their version. It is not very hard to learn to experiment with the melody because all that you have to master is the different musical elements.

Sense of belongingness

With the pandemic surrounding us, we are unable to step out to visit our friends and family or have them over for a visit, which is making us feel sad, lonely, and depressed. Music is such that it can fill you with joy and make you feel happy in just a few minutes. Hence, with the enthralling tunes and music available on music teaching website, you can boost your mood in no time. You can also jam together with your friends or jamming partners virtually. It is the best time to revive your lost passion or interest and explore the musician inside you. So take help of any resourceful music teaching website that will help you learn the basics of music and play your favourite tune from any movie or any album.

Accessing the Music Teaching website

Most music teaching websites have an easy user interface, and some of them even have the web version as well as an APP on Google Play Store and Apple Store. So you can either choose to download the app and start using or use the web version. The premium version will provide you with access to all contents available and let you learn while you enjoy it. It’s entirely your sole discretion whether to go for the premium version or stick to the basic version. It’s just that you get access to extra features and benefits in the premium version. If you are interested in reviving your old passion, then going for the premium version is not a bad deal.



Music teaching websites have popular music from all over the world along with your local music so you can not only find chords of various international songs and tunes but also your local music and tunes from old to new movie songs. Sometimes jargons used by musicians use jargon that may be difficult for novices to understand, but you no longer have to worry about it as we have a music dictionary where all the terminologies associated with music are available for you. So there is absolutely no way you cannot learn playing your favourite tune on an instrument.

Overall, music learning websites help you learn the basics of music and play your favourite tune. So what are you waiting for? Visit a popular music teaching website, learn your favourite tune from any movie and impress everyone around you. Check out https://note-store.com/ for popular piano songs.

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