10 Actors Who Were Playing Sports Before Hollywood!



There is no school that is going to make somebody a movie star. You are just born to do something like that. For that very reason, these athletes had no problem transitioning to the Hollywood and making names for themselves the movie industry.

10. The Rock


Before becoming a huge Hollywood star, The Rock was a big name in the world of wrestling. Even before that, he was a pro football player in the Canadian Football League.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger


A seven-time mister Olympia himself was a huge movie star when he decided to end his bodybuilding career and start working in Hollywood. Most people think of him as the best bodybuilder of all time.

8. Burt Reynolds


He was a football player who attended Florida State and played some college ball there. Because of that, he was able to use some of that experience for “The Longest Yard.”

7. Jason Statham


You know him as a cool guy from the movies. But did you know that he was in a British National Diving team?! Yeah, it’s the same Jason Statham.

6. Joel McHale


Even though fans now know him as someone that was in “Community,” he used to be a football player. He too got his championship ring despite never playing for Washington University.

5. Terry Crews


We all know that he has been in some major projects, but did you know that he was actually a pro footballer who played for multiple NFL teams!?

4. Vinnie Jones


“The Last Stand” and “X-men” are where we have seen Vinnie Jones, but we also had the chance to see him play for some English soccer teams back in the 80s.

3. Sylvester Stallone


It is not a surprise that he played football back when he was in college. On the other hand, you know which are his best projects.

2. Steve Carell


You didn’t expect him to be on this list, didn’t you? Well, before being a star of the “40-Year-Old Virgin,” he actually played hockey.

1. Forest Whitaker


“Black Panther” is one of the latest projects in this man’s rich career, but his roots are playing football on a scholarship in college.

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