10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Vaping



Smoking is one of the oldest fashions in the fashion world. Now vaping has become a trend, and like many other people, Hollywood actors are also using e-cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes. It has taken place in their life and added another style to their celebrity lifestyle. There are a lot of crazy fans who never miss any fashion or lifestyles of Hollywood actors. So the actors who vape also influence their fans directly or indirectly for vaping. The Hollywood actors who are vaping are not less in number and also they are very well known to us. Even they can be one of your favorite actors. These actors vape with their unique style and choice.

Hollywood actors who are vaping

Many Hollywood celebrities are vaping and are not afraid to show their love for this. Here 10 Hollywood actors are mentioned who are vaping:

Leonard DiCaprio: He is an actor, a film producer and an environmentalist. Most of us love him for his role as Jack Dawson in the Titanic movie. It gave him international recognition. But a truth about Leonard DiCaprio is he has been found vaping in many functions and it seems that he loves vaping.


Robert Pattinson: The full name of Robert Pattinson is Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson. He got his popularity through the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie and its series. In this movie, he rolled as a vampire, and he got so much love that he became one of the most influential people in the world. He was addicted to tobacco cigarettes, and in the past, his many smoking pictures got viral. But as it is harmful to human health, he decided to leave the tobacco cigarettes and go for vaping.

Lindsay Lohan: This pop singer and actress also caught vaping in front of the media. She had gone through some difficult times in her life though she managed everything and now she is an entrepreneur, singer and songwriter as well as actor. She has been seen vaping on screen and off-screen. It seems she is addicted to vaping.

Johnny Depp: He is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has gifted us so many successful movies and series like Pirates of the Caribbean, Platoon, The Tourist and many more. He is also a vape user, and without any hesitation, he shows his love for vape in front of the media.


Tom Hardy: The Venom actor Tom Hardy is also a vape lover. He has been spotted vaping before the media and is not afraid to show. Even the vape during the interview show.

Samuel L. Jackson: The full form of his name is Samuel Leroy Jackson. He gifted his fans many popular movies like Jurassic Park and many more. He is also an e-cigarette lover, and often he posts his vaping pictures on his social media account.

Jack Black: Thomas Jacob Black is known as Jack Black among us. He made our childhood more enjoyable by giving us Jumanji, Kung Fu Panda, King Kong, Gulliver’s Travels, and many others. He also enjoys vaping like other actors.

Katherine Heigl: Katherine Marie Heigl was a tobacco cigarette user. She gave up smoking and now she is also on the list of the actors who are vaping. Grey’s Anatomy, New Year’s Eve are some of her work. She is very comfortable with the vape and is not afraid to show this off.


Jack Nicholson: He has worked in many movies like Easy Rider, Batman, The Departed, and others. He has always been very conscious about following the trend or making any new trend. In many functions and events, he has been spotted vaping and never minds to show this habit.

Michelle Rodriguez: The Fast and Furious actress is also in love with the vape. She has been spotted many times in front of the media while vaping. Her other works are Avatar and many more. She was spotted many times with her vape pod.

Why do Hollywood actors vape?

When a new product comes, people naturally get curious about that. After exploring that product, some of them fall in love with that and some of them just end in that. There are many reasons behind the love for vaping. First of all, it is not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. So those who are health conscious are going for e-cigarettes. Like our twilight star, Robbert Pattinson, who wants to leave the smoking habit, starts his first attempt with vaping and has now successfully given up smoking. Secondly, the vape has various flavors and they are providing different types of taste. Some of the flavors are relaxing, some of them are sweet, and some of them are a little bit harsh. So people can easily choose their favorite flavor, and they can also create their flavor according to their choice by adding or mixing flavors or water. You need to click here for more information about vaping and e-juice.

Vape devices are very attractive and stylish. The metallic body and its unique designs can make anyone attracted to itself. It is very easy to carry and even you can hide it anywhere. Fourth, the cloud from e-cigarettes gives another level of satisfaction. It definitely increases the style and brings a casual or cool look for the vapers.


Hollywood is full of new trends and styles. Some of the actors got addicted while they were doing their shooting for the movie. In this time, the actors have to use many products for their movie characters. So it is very easy for the actors to be addicted to those addictive products. However, it is known that e-cigarette is not addictive or do not contain any addictive elements. But it is also true that the e-juice contains nicotine and it is addictive. The use of e-cigarettes is very easy, and the e-liquids are making people more attracted to them. Lastly, we can say inhaling e-cigarette is better than tobacco cigarettes.

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