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5 Reasons to Watch The Titan Games

Sebastian Mertonby:

The Titan Games is the new show of Dwayne Johnson, and if you are the fan of Ninja Warrior you will love this snow. Over the …

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Dwayne Johnson completely on board for seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Lobo

Sebastian Mertonby:

It seems that friendship between Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan,thatarouse from shooting a Rampage movie, has reflected in the world of movie industry …


10 Actors Who Were Playing Sports Before Hollywood!

Sebastian Mertonby:

There is no school that is going to make somebody a movie star. You are just born to do something like that. For that very reason, …

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10 predictions for Fast and Furious 9

Sebastian Mertonby:

Having seen Fast and Furious 8, we are more than excited to watch Fast and Furious 9 which is already in the making. Scheduled for April …