Top 5 Coolest Animals on TV


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Whether you like animals generally speaking or not that much, you have to admit that they do add some special value every time they show up in a movie, series, or any TV show. Be it a cute little puppy, a kitten, a monkey or a horse, it, without a doubt, can make the plot more interesting or simply cooler. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular animals that have appeared on TV so far.

Lassie (Lassie TV series)

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It was back in 1954 that this legendary series aired, but, nonetheless, it has managed to remain a classic even today. So, there’s clear evidence that Lassie was a huge success. What made the series so adorable is, obviously, its main character – Lassie, the lifesaver, right? Just remember how many times Timmy got into trouble and who was there to get him out of it. Yes, it was Lassie, every single time. So, how could anyone forget such a hero?

Rex (Inspector Rex)

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Speaking of lifesavers, we have to remember the great inspector Rex, too. When someone mentions a brave German Sheppard, he immediately crosses your mind, doesn’t he? Rex was always there to deal with various criminals and crime scenes and help his police friends solve even the most complex cases. Brave, smart, and loyal – what else do you need?

The chick and the duck (Friends)

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Now, these two were not that much of heroes like the previously mentioned, but they did make a memorable performance in the greatest sitcom of all times – Friends. We have to admit that their appearance in the third season helped create some hilarious scenes in the series.

Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

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While we’re on the subject of sitcoms, we should also mention Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In case you haven’t watched the series, Salem is Sabrina’s talking cat, “a warlock sentenced to 100-year prison within a feline’s body for his misdeeds.” Some might think that the graphics could have been more realistic, but even so, this sitcom would not be nearly as funny without the cat.

Kitty Kat (The Addams Family)

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Finally, let us remind you of Kitty Kat, a large lion that shows up as the pet of the Addams in this legendary series. Even though it didn’t do much, it was the very idea of the family having a lion wandering around their large mansion that was enough to make the series even more special.

So, whether you like these shows or not, we’re sure you’ll all agree that none of them would be the same without the animals, right?

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