Fuller House Season 4 Release Date


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While waiting for a new season of Fuller House, we’re sure all of you loyal fans are asking whether Fernando’s Mom will be upset over Kimmy’s pregnancy. Of course, there are many other questions to be answered, so we are all looking forward to a new batch of episodes of this exciting sitcom.

It was already revealed that Season 4 will see many cast additions, which already sounds fun. As previously mentioned, one of the most anticipated ones is, without a doubt, Fernando Hernandez-Guerrero’s mother who will be portrayed by Maria Canals-Barrera of the “Wizards of Waverly Place,” according to TV Line. It is said that she will appear only in one episode (at least that’s what we know so far) but that is still a huge deal given that she has never appeared so far. Another reason why her showing up at this particular moment is so much talked about is that she will find out that her daughter-in-law Kimmy is pregnant. However, she doesn’t know that she only agreed to be Stephanie’s surrogate, which creates a dramatic but, of course, funny misunderstanding.


As we already said, Maria Canals-Barrera is not the only one to join the cast of Fuller House. Not long ago, Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) posted a picture taken after the shooting was over, and we can see Leslie Grossman of “American Horror Story” is in that picture, too. And not only that – she is wearing a scrub suit, which might mean she’ll be there to assist Kimmy with childbirth.

The original series “Full House” aired from 1987 – 1995, and it immediately gained popularity worldwide. Even though the sequel first received negative reviews, it became better as it went by, so now fans can’t wait to see the fourth season. Unfortunately, Netflix still hasn’t revealed the release date, but rumor has it we might even expect it to arrive as early as December. Well, at least that’s what Candace Cameron Bure hinted. We’ll keep you updated.

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