One-Punch Man Season 2 will arrive in April 2019


TV Series

One-Punch Man is the series about Saitama, an ordinary man living a simple life. Saitama one day decides to start a battle with forcible villains. After the victory over the bad guys he wants to become a hero, so he starts to train every day. Saitama becomes so strong that he wins every fight with just one punch, after that he joined the Hero Association in search of a worthy opponent.

For the fans of One-Punch Man from all over the world, we have great news, hero Saitama will return in April 2019. This announcement was delivered by the production company at a superhero event in Japan. It is official that this hero will punch again, harder than ever.

Until the Season two, you can watch a released key visual and teaser trailer. In the sequel, fans will see familiar faces and hear well-known voices. Hikaru Midorikawa, the voice actor behind Gundam Wing’s Heero, s-CRY-ed’s Ryuho, and Fate/Zero’s Lancer, Garou, Genos and Speed O’ Sound Sonic are the main actors for this season.

In the beginning, One-Punch Man was a webcomic in 2009. Series creator, illustrator, Yusuke Murata redraw the series for a release in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump spin-off in 2012. Until today thirteen volumes of this series have been released.

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