Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Confirmed – Sidonia No Kishi Manga to Appear on Netflix in 2019


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After years of waiting, the fans of Knights of Sidonia will finally have a chance to enjoy in the third season of popular mecha manga on Netflix in 2019.

The first season of Sidonia No Kishi Manga was aired in 2014, followed by the second season next year. Since then, there were numerous rumors about the long-awaited third season, but so far nothing materialized. Written by Tsutomu Nihei and directed by Hiroyuki Seshita of Polygon Pictures, the third season of Knights of Sidonia has some big shoes to fill, left by the previous episodes that have developed a huge following among manga fans.

Unlike many other manga series that suffered from the lack of content and had to delay production until writers caught up with the events in series, Knights of Sidonia actually has a finished story arc. Nihei had the entire series finished in 2015 and all that was needed for the third season was producers decision, which they finally gave recently. The final chapter was Volume 15, meaning that if they were to show all of the series in three seasons, there are six and a half volumes to go, which is almost half of the entire manga. That seems a lot to cover in just 12 episodes, so there are rumors that the third season may actually be longer. Of course, there is always an option of doing the fourth season as well, meaning we would have 24 episodes to look forward to. We are assuming that the third season will follow the same structure as the first two, which had 12 episodes each.

The official announcement regarding the third season of Kings of Sidonia hasn’t been released yet, but if everything goes as planned, we are confident that we will see the Japan premiere in April 2019, during the anime season.

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