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Those who are fans of Kakegurui are currently in a much better position than any English Netflix viewers. The reason for this is that fans from Japan have already seen how episode 12 ends as well as as having season 2 confirmed for production before Kakegurui was even released in the States.

Kakegurui has become even more complicated with how they chose to end the last episode. It is true that seeing some spoliers can help with the what seems never ending waiting, but still, what the events will be in season 2 heavily depends on the source material.

Kakegurui came about as a manga back in 2014 when the writer Homura Kawamoto and the illustrator Toru Naomura made the story into a series in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker. As of August 2017 the manga is up to Volume 8.


Besides the original there is also a prequel spin-off by the name Twin Kakegurui that originates from 2015 and its main focus is Mary Saotome one year before Yumeko Jabami is transfered to the Private Academy Hyakkaou. In 2017 a 4- panel comedic spin-off was also made.

Yen Press are the ones that are in charge of the English translation of Kakegurui. So far the first three volumes have come out, the 4th is coming out on February 6, 2018, 5th is scheduled for April 24, 2018 and the 6th comes out July 17, 2018.

What fans found out when the episode 12 came out is that the ending was new and different from the one in the manga because it never happened in it.

A number of fans were not happy with how the episode ended since in the manga it ended with a lot more suspense. In the show the last gamble it comes up to be less about the money and more about power, mostly becaue Kirari has control of Japan in a non school related way and Yumeko has a lot of cash hidden.

Episode 12 connected to the manga through the fact that Kirari made the decision of dissolving the student council, that left a open door for season 2 of Kakegurui.

When does Kakegurui come out on Netflix?


When it comoes to the USA and the UK the date for releasing Kakegurui is set for February 1, 2018. It is not clear if there will be English dubs available or just subtitles, but we are leaning more towards subtitles since that is what we’ve seen in the trailer. This date is logical since soon after that English translations will be available.
Except for coming out on Netflix, season 1 will be availabe for Japanese fans on DVD disc box set and blu-ray with it being divided into 6 volumes, two epsiodes in each of them. The price will be 6,000 yen for the DVD boxes and 7,000 yen for the blu-ray.

Kakegurui Volume 1- October 13, 2017
Kakegurui Volume 2- November 10, 2017
Kakegurui Volume 3- December 15, 2017
Kakegurui Volume 4- January 12, 2018
Kakegurui Volume 5- February 9, 2018
Kakegurui Volume 6- March 9, 2018

The promo art for season two was first seen at the Hyakkaou Private Academy Cultural Festival in Japan.
When it comes to the release date it is still not confirmed what that will be.

Yonkou Productions put out a statement about the season to and it says:“We keep getting anime announcements. Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler is receiving a second season. How do you keep doing this MAPPA.” That was all that was said.

It seems that fans have a long while to wait for seaon 2, all because the anime industry has been working to its full capacity. Most likely late 2018 or 2019 will be the time it comes out. The fans won’t mind this cause they care about the quality and want the how to stick to the manga plotlines.



Both episode 11 and chapter 27 end with Kaede with 10 billion yen less and no seat on the council. On the other hand the manga ends with Runa giving Kirari’s twin sistr a call asking her to come help Kirari wit Yumeko.
The following chapter, Yumeko almost gets kicked out because the secretery of the council thinks the gambling is destroying the school. But what Kirari decides is that no one should gamble with Yumeko as that will destroy her soul. The president does not agree with that as she is a fan of the cutthroat element gambling brings to the school.

Things slowly boil out of control and we have Sayaka challenging Yumeko to gamble her social life, so basically a game that is life and death. To everyone’s surprise Yumeko does not accept this challenge with the excuse – “that’s just boring. There are lots of things you’d hate to lose more than your life, right? For example, your memories, your status, emotions, and everything that forms your relationship with Kirari.” They end up betting what is dearest to them which basically means their lives.

The gamble takes place in the Tower of Doors. The game starts with them taking the stairs all the way up to the last, fifth floor. The mission is to go all the way down to the first floor and to take lily with you back. It is not that simple though, the path is filled with riddles and dangerous doors, and to make it even more suspensful Kirari makes the bet even more drastic by saying that the one who loses the gamble is required to jump to her death from the top floor.

The tower has many mathematical puzzles but also messages for each of the competitors, the person who wins finds out that the whole tower is a gamble and the loser jumps out as to fulfill the punishment but that is also not what it seemed to be at first.

After this is over Kirari debates if she should resign from the student council and have an election for the one who will have her seat. Yumeko sees this as a perfect chance to do even more gambling.

If everything we’ve seen so far is to be trusted, we will see a volume 10 come out first and only after that a season two of the show version of Kakegurui. Those who are strickly Anime fans will have to wait for an official date for the release of season 2 to finally know what crazy plans Yumeko has in mind for Hyakkaou Private Academy.

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