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The Titan Games is the new show of Dwayne Johnson, and if you are the fan of Ninja Warrior you will love this snow.
Over the past few months we were allowed to see pieces of the new NBC’s sports competition show, The Titan Games, and if you are Ninja Warrior fan you probably should watch this Dwayne Johnson’s dramatic show.

“The Titan Games is a chance for everyday athletes to become everyday heroes. People train, toil in anonymity, then they get to come here and Dwayne Johnson gives them this incredible stage to prove themselves,” said Liam McHugh, commentator of the show.

In the article below you can read 5 reasons why The Titan Games reminds of American Ninja Warrior.


5. The athletes

Like in The Ninja Warriors we will see season after season the athletes with enormous strength, clear focus and fully determination. They will push their bodies to the new edges while living their everyday lives.
“A lot of the people we’re meeting in this contest have decided to take other journeys based on not being able to fulfill those dreams as the next superstar athlete. They’ve made a life for themselves but they still have this fire inside of them. They still want to be a competitor at a high level. This is the place for them to compete at a high level, “said Cari Champion, the show’s field reporter about The Titans Games.

“It’s unbelievable. To see people who are just regular folks, like me, like Liam, come out here and do some amazing stuff and prove themselves, prove to their opponents and also prove to themselves that they are capable of being able to do incredible things. It’s the ordinary doing the incredible. I think that is the true definition of the human spirit. It’s a beautiful thing,” said Alex Mendez, also the commentator of the show.

4. The challenges

The Titan Games has challenges which are very simple in their execution, but far from easy.

“The challenges are crazy. I head DJ say that the reason why they are so intense is that he stays up late at night and creates them in his mind. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Gotcha.’ Because I don’t even know how someone would come up with Mount Olympus. It’s a monstrosity. What is that up there and how do you decide that these are the things people should do,” Champion said to the public.

The public was able to preview one challenge called the Hammering Ram.

3. The stories


“Just like American Ninja Warrior, the stories of who these people are will be a big part of our show. Their backgrounds. What they’ve overcome. We have all of that. It is like Ninja Warrior in ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This will be the same way,” shared Arthur Smith, executive producer of the show.
The popularity of the athletes come from their personal life, and the fans ability to relate with them. The key to the success of this show is that the public can watch ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
“I think you want to root for people who’ve have been through tough times. They’ve fallen down and picked themselves up by the bootstraps. I always say this, but it’s really truly about the sweat equity. How people really dig in deep, fight, work hard, and come out a winner,” said Champion, who had a chance to spend the most time with the athletes.

2. The excitement

In this show, you will never know what will happen, and that excitement is the key to the show.
“At this point, just completely expect the unexpected. The minute Alex and I feel like we’ve got a hold on this, whenever we’ve been like, ‘Oh this guy is fantastic. He’s going to cruise right through,’ we’re completely wrong. We’re shocked and surprised and I think that’s the cool thing about this show. The unknown,” said McHugh about this topic.

1. The Rock


One of the biggest reasons why you should watch this show is an actor, and ex-wrestler, Dwayne Johnson.
“I’ve had a number of meetings with Dwayne and he also appreciates all the good fortune that he has. He’ll say it, ‘I’m a lucky son of a b*tch. I’m very fortunate. There were people who helped me. I want to inspire and help others.’ It’s so sincere. The Dwayne Johnson that everybody knows, that everybody sees, is the Dwayne Johnson behind the scenes. He’s so inspiring. [The show] spoke right to him,” said executive producer of the show, Arthur Smith, when he was asked about the cooperation with The Rock.

“You should be watching The Titan Games because there is literally nothing like it on television. Not only do we have Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a worldwide icon, but on top of that, you have some of the most ridiculous challenges ever conceived for a TV show of this capacity. It is a sight to behold. It is one of a kind. It is 100% awesome,” said Mendez.

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