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5 Reasons to Watch The Titan Games

Sebastian Mertonby:

The Titan Games is the new show of Dwayne Johnson, and if you are the fan of Ninja Warrior you will love this snow. Over the …

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Dwayne Johnson completely on board for seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Lobo

Sebastian Mertonby:

It seems that friendship between Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan,thatarouse from shooting a Rampage movie, has reflected in the world of movie industry …

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Jumanji 3 Confirmed – We Get Another Family Movie with Dwayne Johnson

Sebastian Mertonby:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a massive hit when it arrived in December 2017. The film grossed more than $884 million on a $100 million …

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Suicide Squad 2 – All You Need to Know

Sebastian Mertonby:

Your favorite squad is coming back to the big screens. Suicide Squad 2 is to be released in 2019. Back in 2016, when the first movie …