Deception Season 2: More Episodes or Cancellation?


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The first season of Deception was well received and the fans are wondering what is going on with the second season. Unfortunately, there isn’t any good news for the fans as it appears that ABC is determined to cancel the show.
This has caused a lot of drama online and people have already started a petition to keep the show alive, but it seems that no matter how many signees are, ABC will not keep the show alive.

Deception premiered in March on Sunday, after American Idol and it had a lot of viewers at first. However, that was not enough for ABC to keep it running and after the series tanked to the lowest ratings possible, the network came up with the decision. This is a numbers game and the numbers didn’t add up, which was enough to pull a plug on the show.

Short Description

Deception is actually a cleverly-designed show. It follows a famous magician whose career gets ruined by a scandal. He decided to start a new job in the FBI and he is using his deception tricks to help the feds detain the bad boys. The plot got approved by various respectable websites and the fan base is quite loyal. Nevertheless the show doesn’t come back.

Deception Season 2

The fans got active at to file a petition for potential season 2. It is impossible to say at this point whether this petition will have any effects on continuing the show. Perhaps some other providers may pick it up such as Netflix or Hulu. This, however, gets complicated because of all the contracts with the cast, royalties, production issue, etc.

Unfortunately, at this point it seems that Deception is not coming back, even though it looked promising.

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