Why Didn’t They Make More Warcraft Movies?



There is no question about the popularity of the game Mythic+ Dungeons in World of Warcraft among gamers. Blizzard Entertainment made the first release of the game in the year 2004. However, the developers constantly upgrade it to ensure that it does not lose its adventure factor.

The movie Warcraft was released in June 2016 in the United States. Although it was able to amass 43.9 crores in USD, it did not do as well as expected by the makers. Moreover, critics were ruthless in their reviews of the movie.

The main reason for the Warcraft movie not having a sequel is the disappointment at the box office. It was not just the critics, but the film did not fare well financially. Therefore, scheduled sequels of the movie were put off. There are rumors every year about a sequel, but the director put all gossips to rest.

Reasons For The Failure Of The Warcraft Movie

Many reasons and rumors were doing the rounds for the Warcraft movie’s failure at the box office. One has to consider that the movie fared well with international audiences. We try to extrapolate out why the film failed and its sequels canceled.

No one understood it except the world of warcraft players

One of the things that caused the movie to fail was its making. Anyone who has not played the game Warcraft would not understand what the film is about. Audiences always prefer a plot that they can recognize in a movie.

If they do not understand what the movie is all about, there are no chances of success. It is despite the Warcraft game being one of the most popular games to have ever been created and played until today.

So, when someone who has not played the game watches the movie, they do not understand what it is all about. So, failing to reach the general audience is one of the foremost reasons the Warcraft movie failed as miserably as it did.

Characters are not significant


The character played by Paula Patton is a classic example of a character not being taken seriously. She plays Garona, who is a half-orc and half-human. Her character was portrayed as soft in some melting moments with Lothar in the movie Warcraft.

Therefore, it lacked the punch it required to create an influence on the audience. She was not taken as seriously as a star should be taken. It is especially the case for Hollywood movies with a big budget. Other characters were not serious either. We just cited the example of one character that was supposed to provide the impact that the audience was looking for.

Too much, too fast

It happens, especially with the introduction of the identities in the movie. Before the audience understood a character, the film leaped to other characters. It happens relatively quickly that audience never got a break to know all the characters.

A person had to watch the movie or the introduction multiple times to understand the introduction of characters. It can never be the case with a film expected to be a blockbuster in Hollywood. A movie watched by a large number of audience must be given importance.

The director of the movie, Duncan Jones, had to cut about 40 minutes from the introduction aspect. It could be the reason why we felt so rushed when watching it. The production company, Universal Pictures, had forced him to do so.

Poor actor performances combined with dialogue delivery

Almost all the actors playing each of the characters were misfits. Although they may have tried to do their part in each scene, many audiences felt that they are underperforming. It is still uncertain if the director only expected this type of effort from the actors involved.

The delivery of the dialogues was also not up to the mark. Even diehard fans of the WoW game were not impressed with the performance or the dialogues. It made a difference because the cast and crew were held to a high standard even before the film was released.

Setting up a franchise

The unsuccessful attempt by the director to set up sequels for the movie did not go well. It was especially after the film was not well received by the audience in the United States. To make matters worse, the director tried in the final stages to set up sequels.

It would have been better if the director concentrated on the first part of the movie instead of being worried about the sequel even before it was released. With all these setups, the fans were unsatisfied with an attempt towards a non-existent sequel.

Wasted time


Audiences of the Warcraft movie could have better spent the money on websites like https://buy-boost.com/wow instead of investing their time and money on watching the movie. It may have been the last straw for the director, who was already thinking about sequels.

Since even the diehard fans were unimpressed with the delivery of the movie, it raised further doubts about the sequels. The director had penned scripts for up to 2 sequels following the Warcraft movie. The whole fiasco left the fans unimpressed.

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Bottom Line


Overall, the movie was a great disappointment. Although the producers were hoping for the film to make it big, it never worked as expected. Everyone’s prediction on the success of the game on the internet would work for the movie.

No one predicted that the Warcraft movie would fare poorly at the box office. Therefore, the director later announced that whatever plans he had for the sequels were shelved. The other reason could be not getting anyone to invest in the sequel either.

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